Recap: #FrenzyPresents 2014/15 Preview Event


Now into its third year, Harper Collins hosted their annual HCC Frenzy event where they highlight and preview some of the exciting books that will be coming out this Fall. A fun group of familiar faces filled the rooms at the HCC Toronto office on a lovely Sunday afternoon as we listened to the team … [continue]

One-Liners: Sherlock season 3


Good Lord, I’m obsessed. I enjoyed the first two seasons, which I did my one-liners on the other week, but now.. NOW I’m obsessed. Season 3 was all kinds of Sherlock awesomeness and I cannot believe season 4 isn’t out until 2016 (according to IMDB). As this is my thoughts and commentary while watching the episodes, there […]


Brunch Book Club: July Wrap-Up!


While Jenn and I always try to keep to our Sunday brunches, sometimes due to our busy schedules, we have to squeeze a weekday lunch or dinner in quickly. This was the case for our July read (apologies to those of you who had wanted to join us for a brunch that never happened!) where […]


Review: Let’s Get Lost by Adi Alsaid


Leila is on a road trip across the country in her red car, meeting many people along the way. She encounters four strangers at pivotal moments in their lives. Leila experiences love and life with these chance meetings as she heads towards her destination. Full disclosure, it was the book cover and title that first […]


Review: Born Wicked by Jessica Spotswood


Cate and her two younger sisters have grown up having to hide the fact that they can do magic. Living in New England, where women suspected of being witches are arrested and sent away on a constant basis, their livelihood and safety depend on them keeping what they are a secret. I need the next […]


Review: The Silkworm by Robert Galbraith


Cormoran Strike is back with another case, this time investigating the disappearance of an author who has written a questionable and controversial book before going missing. Taking place months after solving the Lula Landry case, Strike tackles the publishing world and all the eccentric personalities that come with it. Convinced the police are on the […]


Mini Reviews: Graphic Novels (July 2014 edition)


This month’s mini graphic novel reviews features some really great discoveries! A few found via Netgalley, and one as part of an online Comic Books course (SuperMOOC²) that Ardo, Christa & I were participating in. (And of which I have failed miserably at keeping up with.) Sex Criminals, Vol 1 | Manifest Destiny, Vol 1 […]


One-Liners: Sherlock season 1 & 2


  I have finally/slowly started watching the much-talked-about BBC series Sherlock and, I must admit, I’m hooked. I would definitely have gotten through the first two seasons quicker if I had a bit more time the last little while and each episode wasn’t 1.5 hrs long. Such a commitment! Anyway, as I have done with […]


Impromptu Cleaning My Closet Giveaway 2.0


The last time I did this was back in October 2011 when I was tidying and came across a lot of random goodies that I wanted to give away. So while I had a momentary burst of inspiration to tidy a bit while watching some Mindy Project on Netflix, I compiled 3 gift packs to […]


Review: Never Have I Ever: my life (so far) without a date by Katie Heaney


At 25, Katie has a college degree, a great group of friends and has never had a boyfriend. In this hilarious memoir, she recounts all the cringe-worthy moments with crushes and guys she can barely call a “date”. She talks about her past crushes, boys who are friends, and her foray into online dating. While […]


Top 10 Tuesday 101

meme hosted by The Broke & the Bookish

Apologies to those who responded to my previous Top 10 Tuesday and I haven’t had a chance to check out yours yet! It’s been a crazy few weeks with my wedding, and I’m scheduling this post to go up while I’m on my honeymoon. I will definitely get to everyone’s upon my return though! Pretty […]


Brunch Book Club: June Wrap-Up!


When Wendy let us know about an “Brunch with Bennyfits” feature at a Toronto restaurant, we knew that Oliver & Bonacini on Front Street would have to be the next location for our Brunch Book Club discussion. This month, Jenn and I were joined by Wendy, Chandra, Rhiannon and Baby Sybil! As usual, since this […]


Review: Landline by Rainbow Rowell


Georgie and her writing partner Seth are about to get their big break after years of mediocre TV shows. They’re finally getting the chance to meet with a TV executive on their brainchild show. The only catch is that they have to churn out a number of scripts over the Christmas holidays, much to the […]


Harry Potter (re)read: Book 6


I am so completely failing at this Harry Potter reread. While I do have the excuse that I got married last weekend and the wedding was all-consuming for the last 2 months, it does mean that not only have I not finished Order of the Phoenix from May still, I haven’t even started Half-Blood Prince… […]