Best of Toronto Macarons: Part 3 – Hidden Gems


Part 3 of my Best of Toronto Macarons is another two-way tie, but for two separate reasons. This week, I share with you two of the hidden gems that I've discovered in the last few months. For some, they may not be "hidden" at all but to me, they are outside of the regular patisseries we constantly … [continue]

Review: The Paris Winter by Imogen Robertson


Maud Heighton moves to Belle Époque Paris from a small English town to attend a prestigious art school, in hopes of becoming an artist. However Paris is expensive and she finds herself struggling to survive in the growing cold of winter until a friendly classmate introduces her to a woman who helps those in need by setting […]


Waiting on Wednesday 37


This week’s Waiting on Wednesday is a bit of a unique item. While it’s from  Chronicle Books/Raincoast Books, and it IS available on Goodreads, it’s not quite a book. This City Scratch-Off Map of Paris is a “sight-seeing scavenger hunt” which looks delightfully fun!  On the one side is an illustrated map of Paris must-see […]


Guest Review: The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah


I’m thrilled to welcome Meaghan from Feeling a Little Bookish today to Paris Month. Hailing from Ottawa, Meaghan is part of the Ottawa bloggettes and her, along with the great group of gals there, are staples to our big Toronto gatherings. I was so excited she wanted to review the newly released book by Kristin […]


Review: The French Art of Revenge by Mark Zero


After the passing of fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent, his private art collection goes up for a charity auction. During a public exhibition of the art pieces one of the paintings goes missing and war photographer Luke Johnson is accused of stealing it. His friend Benoît is kidnapped and held for ransom while Luke and […]


Best of Toronto Macarons: Part 2 – Ambiance & Decor


This past weekend, I started my “Best of Toronto Macarons” series with my fave place for unique flavours. Today, in part two of this new month-long series, is my favourite patisserie with the best ambiance. And it’s a tie! I’ve got two places that are up there on this list for me with the best […]


Waiting on Wednesday 36


I haven’t done a Waiting on Wednesday post since last year’s Paris Month! This week, I’m excited to share this upcoming book by Christine Sneed, the award-winning author of Little Known Facts. The story sounds interesting, and I absolutely love everything about the cover. The font, the photograph… it seems to evoke the elegance and glamour […]


Review: All The Light We Cannot See by Anthony Doerr


At 6 years old, Marie-Laure goes blind and her father, who works at the nearby Museum of Natural History, builds a miniature model of their neighbourhood in hopes that she would memorize it and be able to navigate on her own out in the real world. When she is 12, the Nazis occupy Paris and they […]


Review: Untrue Colors by Veronica Forand


Alex has fallen in with the wrong crowd when her talent for appraising art lands her in the cross-hairs of her criminal ex-boyfriend. Now on the run, she crashes a party at Professor Henry Chilton’s home and crashes right into his life. When she remarks upon one of his family heirloom paintings being a forgery, the […]


Best of Toronto Macarons: Part 1 – Unique Flavours


Anyone who knows me knows that I am obsessed with macarons (not to be confused with macaroons – very different and a huge pet peeve of mine at the incorrect use!!). So for this year’s Paris Month, I will be counting down the “best of” of macaron patisseries around Toronto that I love. Of course, there […]


Review: Vicarious Paris by Romi Moondi


I briefly met Romi Moondi at Book Buzz TO back in 2013 when her Year of the Chick series was out so I’m thrilled to welcome her to Paris Month 2015, and share with you her latest book, Vicarious Paris. Canadian author Romi Moondi lived in Paris for six months during 2013, and for the […]


Bienvenue! Welcome to Paris Month 2015!


So what exactly is Paris Month? It’s an annual event that takes place here on this blog every April where I showcase and feature all things to do with the City of Light. Originally started to commemorate my first trip to France in 2012, I ended up making it a yearly thing (the blog event, […]


Review: Etiquette & Espionage by Gail Carriger


Sophronia gets sent off to a finishing school by her mother in hopes of taming the rambunctious nature of her fourteen year old daughter. Sophronia would rather climb trees and figure out how machines work than to learn how to curtsy or speak properly. That is until she arrives at Mademoiselle Geraldine’s Finishing Academy for […]


Review: I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson


Noah and his thirteen year old twin sister Jude, could not be more close and yet more different. Jude is vivacious, popular and athletic while Noah is bullied, loves art and is in love with the new boy down the street. This time in their lives is his story to tell. Cut to three years […]