For a delivery service, you sure don’t deliver.

I recently purchased a Christmas present for a friend from the HBO store. Apparently they ship with DHL Express. And that’s where the nightmare begins.

This past Monday, I got a mangled piece of bright orange paper in my condo’s mailbox indicating I had to pay $11-something. Wasn’t sure what it was for initially… no mention of HBO or anything, and the listed item said DVD (which it’s not!) so I called the number and asked them if they can clarify what it was before I paid the duties on this. After asking 4 times, (where the guy just kept reading stuff off the sheet I had in front of me and told me nothing useful), I finally realized what it was. Paid it with my credit card and asked for a confirmation # so that when it was delivered, there wouldn’t be any problems or questions of whether it was paid or not. The guy acted like nobody had ever asked him for a confirmation # before. He paused and said nothing for a good 30 seconds. I’m like “Uh, hello? Confirmation number?” and he said something about how someone will call me back (!?) with the authorization #.  I also asked him to redirect it to my office address. Even though we have 24/7 security at the front desk, I didn’t want any more mix-ups. I knew there was always 1-2 people out at reception in my office, so I felt it was safer this way.

Tuesday, I let the front desk people at my office know I’m expecting a package from DHL today or tomorrow. No sign of the package.

Wednesday morning, I get a call letting me know that my package was out for delivery today. By 4pm, there was still no package so I called to put a trace on it. The girl said she would send the trace out and that the driver will call me back within the hour. No call back. No package.

Today, Thursday morning, I call DHL customer service and asked about the package – while also calling up the tracking information on their website. The unhelpful customer service girl said that there was an attempt at delivery at 1:17pm yesterday but nobody was home. I told her that was impossible. ABSOLUTELY impossible since the office’s doors are open until 5pm, and we have at least 2 people out at the front at all times. I GUARANTEE they probably attempted delivery at the wrong address and just said “F*ck it.” Also upon reading the tracking online, it said that there was an attempt at delivery on TUESDAY but the “recipient refused delivery”(!!) WTF??? Uh, no. With that also being false, I now think their whole tracking system is faulty.  The useless girl said that because they’ve attempted delivery twice, they will no longer attempt any deliveries and I have to go pick it up in Brampton. Mon-Fri, 7am-7pm. I don’t drive. How the HELL am I going to get out to Brampton during business hours?? How is this MY fault that you couldn’t actually do a proper delivery and now it’s MY problem to get a way to Brampton to pick it up??

I called back later to speak to the supervisor, but got a helpful girl instead. She said she could try and send it out for delivery again but may not be able to guarantee it to be delivered before Christmas. Or else she could deliver it to another branch location (ie. in Markham). My question is, if you’re able to transport it to another branch location, why can’t you transport it back to it’s ACTUAL destination!?!

In the end, I found a friend to pick it up for me since he lives in Brampton. I let the girl know to make sure it’s there for tomorrow morning for my friend to pick up. She says it “should be” there by the morning.  Uh, it damn well better be there for pick it up so he hasn’t wasted his time to do me a favour! How can you go through all that bullshit that you won’t attempt another delivery and that I have to pick it up, and now that I’ve found someone to pick it up for me, you don’t guarantee that it’s actually there for pick up!?!

She writes back that I need to remember that I have to pay $11.58 on duties. OMG!! Do they not keep anything in their system!?! Does it not SHOW them my authorization/confirmation # from my payment on Monday???

Not impressed. For a company who prides themselves on shipping worldwide, I’d be interested to see how many hassle-free deliveries actually occur. Everyone I spoke to about this all said “Oh yeah, DHL is horrible for shipping.” C’mon HBO – choose another delivery company!


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