301/365: Follow Friday 3

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Q: If you could have dinner with your favorite book character, who would you eat with and what would you serve?

Hm, good question.. I just might have to go with my tried & true boy wizard. Nope, not Harry Potter… Draco Malfoy for me. (Yes yes… it must be the bad boy thing. 😉 )

What would I serve? All the fantastic things that exist in that magical world of course! Pumpkin juice, Cornish pasties, Roast Beef, delicious desserts…. Mmmm Butterbeer…..

(Okay, c’mon. Look at this picture. Dinner with him? Yes please.)

Art Credit: from fanpop (click on picture for source)

… I can’t stop staring at this picture….. 0_o


  1. YES PLEASE!!!!! I would love to have dinner with him. Tie off, shirt off…okay I’ll stop now…

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  2. Mmmmm can I just have him for dinner *wink wink* lol! What a fabulous choice.

  3. Draco malfoy for me too!!!

  4. Nice choice! That guy can come to dinner any time 😉

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  5. well…i would agree — only because of THAT picture.

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  6. Gaah. He’s always scared me. *points finger* EVIL!!!

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  7. New follower!

    Nice choice, it would definitely be an interesting dinner 😉

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  8. I like that you didn’t put a picture of Tom Felton hahah, even though he’s quite gorgeous 😉 Great pick! i’d definitely like to have dinner with Draco!

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  9. Interesting choice! Here’s my FF: Mom Reads My Books

  10. Definitely a good choice.

  11. Oh, Draco! He really is delish…

    Thanks for stopping in this week for the hop!


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