Joint Birthday Dinner… Bloggette-style!

Christa (Hooked on Books) and I organized a joint birthday party last night for two lovely gals – Wendy (A Cupcake and a Latte) and Nicole (All I Ever Read)! With their birthdays only one day apart (Wendy’s on the 23rd, Nicole’s on the 24th), we thought it’d be a fun dual-bash with some of our close friends!

Birthday gals with their flashy birthday buttons :)

Birthday gals!

Gwenyth (Rants n’ Scribbles) with her half-missing menu and Jenn (Lost in a Great Book) with her delicious soup appetizer!

Opening their gifts!

Where's......... Wendy?

(I went a little overboard with finding cupcake things for Wendy :P)

And of course, the end-of-the-night group picture! (Minus Jen from Rayment’s Readings, Rants & Ramblings who had to leave earlier)

The Bloggettes... and blog-guy! :P

From left to right:

Gwenyth, Liz, me, Angel, Andrea, Christa, Jenn, Sara, Nicole, Wendy, Liam

(We missed ya Jen, MelNatashaEvieBrenna & Jackie!)

Thank you to my co-conspirator, Christa!

Thank you to all who attended!

And another happy birthday to Wendy & Nicole!


  1. Looks like it was a dual birthday to remember!! :) This looked like so much fun & the birthday girls seemed to be enjoying all the birthday love! Great idea Christa & Michele! Wish I could have been there to celebrate with all of you! hehe. But I sent my love cyberly, lol!

  2. I LOVE IT!
    The pictures are so awesome. Indeed, where is Wendy in that photo? 😉
    I had a wonderful time, thank you!! <3

  3. Great pictures!! It looks like you all had a fantastic time!!

  4. Looks like you guys had fun!! :)

  5. This is so cute! Love the Toronto blog friends 😀

  6. I had such a fun time at the dinner and getting the chance to see you again, Michele! And great pictures! Thanks for organizing it along with Christa! :)

  7. Happy Belated!! I’m sorry I couldn’t make it out!! Looks like you scored some excellent loot! 😀

  8. And you know… of course by Happy Belated I meant to Nicole and Wendy! *durp*

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