Review + Interview: I’ve Got Your Number by Sophie Kinsella


As part of Random House Canada’s blog tour for I’ve Got Your Number, not only did I get the chance to review this new novel by Sophie Kinsella, but also the opportunity to do a brief Q & A with her! My interview with Ms. Kinsella is below, after the review!


As if losing the family heirloom of an engagement ring that her fiancé gave her isn’t bad enough, Poppy Wyatt manages to also have her cell phone stolen. As luck would have it, she finds an abandoned cell phone in the bottom of a garbage bin and claims it for her own. She soon finds out that the phone once belonged to the personal assistant of Sam, a businessman who wants nothing more than his phone back and for Poppy to stop meddling in his life.

As with most of Kinsella’s books, there’s a leading lady who’s a bit quirky and a little fumbling in her life who finds herself in a sticky (albeit hilarious) situation. This is no different, and that recipe for fun hijinx works for this author, who dominates in this genre. I simply could not put this book down. At 433 pages, I flew through the story quicker than I thought I would. I was immediately transported into Poppy’s chaotic world from page one when she loses her engagement ring. During a fire alarm. Then gets her phone stolen. This book is filled with love/hate conflicts, frustrating (and lovable) characters, corporate scandal and uber-cringeworthy moments – it’s fantastic.

Kinsella really knows how to write the tension-filled scenes that make you want to throw the book across the room (in a good way!) and also  the awkward and embarrassing situations that have us ever-so-grateful it isn’t happening to us. Just when you think you know where this story is going, there are twists thrown in and keeps you hanging on every word, every moment… right to the very end.

I absolutely adored this book. What a delightfully fun read!

I’ve Got Your Number is available in stores on February 14, 2012.

Rating: ★ ★ ★ ★ ★ (5/5 stars)

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I received a copy of this book from the publisher for this blog tour in exchange for an honest review.


As mentioned above, I had the surreal opportunity to email some questions for this blog tour to Ms. Kinsella, who got back to me in under a day! <3

Photo courtesy of Random House Canada

Hello Sophie!

Thank you for taking the time to answer a few of my questions for the blog tour!

1. You had written quite a few books under your real name before changing to your pen name. What made you decide to make the switch?

Hi there! Thanks for having me on the blog!
I really enjoyed writing dramas as Madeleine Wickham but as soon as I had the idea for the first Shopaholic book I knew I wanted it to be in a completely different style – faster, funnier, first person, more confessional – and so it seemed right to take a pen name to differentiate the two styles,. Sophie is my middle name, Kinsella is my mother’s maiden name.and as soon as I put the two together it sounded just right – really ‘me’. It has been great fun writing under two names, if a little confusing sometimes! Who knows – maybe I’ll become someone else in the future :)

2. Have you ever considered writing another genre? Any plans to write Young Adult books?

I once considered writing a thriller and I even wrote a few chapters. My agent said the plot was great but the tone wasn’t nearly dark and gritty enough. I don’t think I can do dark and gritty! With my Sophie Kinsella books, I have a lot of teenage readers who come to readings and write to me and at the moment I love writing for as wide an audience as possible. But I may write a Young Adult book in the future, you never know.

3. In Twenties Girl, you dabbled in the paranormal with the introduction of a ghost as a character. Do you have plans to include more paranormal aspects into future books?

At the moment I don’t have any paranormal plans. But my motto is ‘never say never’, so I can only say… maybe! I loved the character of Sadie but I don’t think of her so much as a ghost as a just a person I would like to know.

4. The characters in your books always get into such hilarious hijinx. Does the inspiration for I’ve Got Your Number and your other books stem from aspects of your life and actual experiences you have had?

I am very scatty so have often experienced the panic of mislaying my phone! Likewise, I have had kitchen disasters, spilled drinks disasters, and may other moments which have made it into fiction. But the plots of my books are far more involved and extreme than anything that happens to me in real life – thank goodness!

5. Which of the leading ladies in your book do you relate to the most?

There are bits of me in all of my heroines and so I relate to them all in different ways. It depends what’s happening in my life – sometimes I feel like Becky, sometimes I feel like Samantha, and now, whenever I lose my phone I feel just like Poppy! I am nursing my new baby at the moment and the other day I opened the door to the postman with my shirt unbuttoned – that was a real Emma moment!

6. What is your favourite book that you’ve read recently? Which is your favourite that you’ve written?

I have been rereading Shadow Dancer by Tom Bradby. He’s a friend of mine and the book has just been made into a movie that was premiered at Sundance. It is incredibly tense and exciting and I can’t wait to see the film.

I love all my books – they’re like my children and I can’t choose one! But if I absolutely had to at gunpoint, I would say the first Shopaholic book, because that’s where I met Becky Bloomwood for the first time and she has been such an incredibly important character in my life.

7. If you weren’t an author, what would you like to be doing?

Is this in fantasyland? If so, I would have a voice transplant and make a career as a singer-songwriter… :)  More realistically, I think anything creative could fulfil me. I think it would be a lot of fun to make TV ads.

Thank you for having me! Have a great day, too!

Sophie x


  1. Great review! I’ve actually never read any of her books but I thought this would be nice for my sister and I to read.

    BTW, I’m sending my sister to this post because she really likes her books and I think she was somewhat jealous that you got to interview her:P

    • Jenn – you’ve NEVER read a Sophie Kinsella book?!?! You’re definitely missing out. I LOVE her (she’s definitely my favourite author) and I am SO jealous that you got to interview her, Michele.

      Great review! Glad you loved the book! I may even go out and buy it sometime this week. As a rule I don’t buy books, but with Sophie Kinsella, I make exceptions. 😀

  2. Great review! I love all her books, they are so quirky and fun to read. I am so excited for this one. And awesome interview as well! It’s great getting to know the authors. Thanks Michele!!

  3. How awesome was it to interview Sophie Kinsella! I was huge fan of her Shopaholic Series but when I ventured to Can You Keep A Secret, I lost interest. You’ve convinced me to give her new book a shot.

  4. Awesome review and interview. I haven’t read any of her books, but I should give them a try.

  5. Thanks for the great review! I’m really looking forward to I’ve Got Your Number! (I’m going to have to grab it this week when I hit the bookstore!!)

    I must be the densest person on the planet, I didn’t realize they were the same person! *duh*

  6. Great interview (: Had a lot of fun reading it. I’ve never had the pleasure to read one of Sophie’s books, but I think I will soon wil!

  7. Love the questions, stuff that I wouldn’t have thought to ask personally but love knowing the answers to now!

  8. I love Sophie Kinsella’s books, I reread them all the time. I think Can You Keep A Secret? is my favourite because the Shopaholic ones hit a little too close to home :)

    It’s great when authors turn out to be so friendly – somehow it gives an extra layer to their books.

  9. Great interview… she is such a wonderful writer. I also LOVED I’ve Got Your Number!!

    Cheers and Happy Valentines Day
    Lindsay @ Turning the Pages xxx

  10. Cole Nalley says:

    I suggested this book for my book club. We usually read much darker and, frankly, boring books! At least they’re boring and dark to me! Anyway, we usually meet for lunch at a restaurant to discuss the books each month. I suggested I’ve Got Your Number and even told my book club that if we could read this book, I’d have the book club meeting at my house and would lead the discussion. But I can’t find any discussion questions anywhere for this book. I have Goggled and Googled but to no avail. Any suggestions???? I thoroughly enjoyed the book! And what is a “blind” that Poppy bought for the Tavishes’ bathroom in preparation for their return from Chicago?

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