Recap: Razorbill Signing – Jay Asher, Lesley Livingston & Charles de Lint

On Thursday, April 19th, Indigo Yorkdale hosted a fantastic signing event with three YA authors: Jay Asher (Th1rteen R3asons Why & The Future of Us), Lesley Livingston (Wonderous Strange trilogy, Once Every Never) and Charles de Lint (Under My Skin being his latest). I anxiously watched on Twitter as many of the bloggettes showed up early to line up, with Wendy (A Cupcake and a Latte) being the earliest of them all – having shown up around 11am! Of course, as luck would have it, when I was finally able to leave work and head over to Yorkdale, the subway would be having delays and “signal issues”. Just as I finally pulled up to the Yorkdale subway station, I saw a tweet from Angel (Mermaid Visions) that said they could only hold my seat for 20 minutes. And that tweet was sent 11 minutes ago. Speed-walking like a crazy woman (Okay, who am I kidding, I speed walk on a regular day), I made it with a minute to spare! I <3 my bloggettes… running late and they still managed to save me a seat!

The event started at 7pm, and perhaps it was because it’s a bit of a strange time (just after work, right around dinner) that it made for a surprisingly smaller crowd up until a quarter to 7. It was then that the place filled up substantially. After some Razorbill prizes were given away, the guests of honour made their entrance to an excited crowd. Before any introductions were even made, the three authors took out their own cameras and took pictures of the audience holding up their books in the air.

The first thing I noticed with the three was the fantastic dynamic they had between each other. They were engaging, entertaining and hilarious – often bantering among themselves. After some brief introductions, they took turns speaking about their respective books.

While I had heard of Jay Asher, I didn’t know much about him besides the two books he had written. I had no idea how incredibly funny and personable he is! It turns out that he often wrote humourous stories before writing Th1rteen R3asons Why. When he had written the first 10 pages of this story about bullying & suicide, he had called his wife over to read it and she was left with a bizarre look on her face. It wasn’t until he clarified that it’s not meant to be funny did she relax and tell him it was fantastic.

Lesley, being no stranger to the bloggettes was her usual witty-self, talking about her new upcoming book Starling (due out in August). She says “Starling is to the Wonderous Strange trilogy as Angel is to Buffy.” It’s a standalone series, so you don’t have to have read Wonderous Strange to enjoy. I loved finding out that she is a Shakespearean actress (who’s often cast as Lady Macbeth) and involved in theatre, as that was my university major (albeit on the production side, not acting).

Charles de Lint is a man of few words. He spoke about Under My Skin being his first series and I often got the sense that while Jay and Lesley were joking around, he was absorbing and digesting the situation only to drop a punchline with great timing. He says that when he’s writing a first draft, he doesn’t like to think about the process. He treats it like he’s reading a book slowly and discovering as it goes along.

A brief Q&A took place after, with questions ranging from “advice for aspiring authors” (which came up more than once, and the authors graciously answered both times) to the more humourous “what have you learned about each other during this tour?” (apparently Lesley wants to have Pat Sajak’s baby). Jay also spoke of a movie deal with Th1rteen R3asons Why that’s got Selena Gomez starring and co-producing. He had spoken with several other movie execs about the project but the moment he got a sense that they didn’t understand the meaning and vision behind the book, it was basically a deal breaker. Selena completely understood it and got it.

About 40 minutes into the event, it was time for the book signing! The authors took time to chat with everyone, taking pictures and answering any other questions they may have had.

Giveaway Time!

As mentioned above, there were Razorbill prizes being given out before the signing.

Since I already got a T-Shirt from the launch party few months back, I picked up a lovely Medium-sized Razorbill T-Shirt to have a little giveaway on the blog! This 100% cotton tee is comfy and a great way to show your love of Razorbill books!


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  1. This sounds like it was such a fun event. 😀 And that Tee looks awesome! Sadly, I’m an Aussie so I can’t enter the comp, but I envy whoever wins it as it’s just so cool.

  2. You always go to the greatest events. Last night I discovered that a Dark Days tour event was happening like an hour from where I live. I was a bit too late discovering this though so I couldn’t go.

  3. Oh My God! That seemed soooo fun! A lot of bloggers went to that event and I am soooo jelly! Haha! Wendy! Did you see Evie? Gosh I wish I lived in TO! I am so glad that you had fun! 😀 <3 Thank you so much for posting this. :)

  4. I have to say I lost a lot of love for Jay Asher as an author after I read The Future of Us. I wish I hadn’t. I’d never heard of Charles de Lint before! Will check him out.

  5. Wow, it looks like they went all out for that event. You really have your hands full with all those books. Great pictures !

  6. I’m sad I missed it! Lesley is so funny and I can’t imagine how lively that dynamic would be!

  7. YAY! Looks like it was an amazing event! Glad you made it home in time to attend! :)

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