Union Station Flooding = Photoshop Fun

On Friday, the first day of June brought the first major rainfall we’ve had in a while in the Toronto area. By late morning, tweets came flooding (hah.) in that the main transit hub of Union Station was quickly filling with water (sewage water, at that!)

Among the tweets, twitpics and videos of people who were there when it happened came a slew of creatively Photoshopped ones that circulated as well. Here are some good ones that I came across online. (After I had written this post, I noticed Blog TO has also compiled a roundup of pictures as well!)

I am linking the pictures to the account/page that I saw them on.
I do not know for certain who created these, but if it was you – let me know and I’ll give credit under the picture!

Sharks | Instagram: mrtreytwinx

Ford Canonball! | Twitter: @marcjuliar

Row, row, row your Ford | Twitter: @megbutton

Waterworld | Twitter: @epochapex

And my favourite one:

Rose & Jack | Twitter: @brandenz

Fortunately nobody was injured from the flooding and the heavy rain only caused delays and frustration.


  1. Lol those are funny. Thanks for sharing.

  2. The Rose and Jack one is my favourite too. Thankfully nobody was hurt!

  3. Hahaha I love the shark one and the Rose and Jack one. Too funny. :)

  4. funny stuff

  5. Very cute! I love the first one. :)

  6. These were hilarious! There’s a compilation of them at http://torontoflood.com too. Sadly, the news got much grimmer after the flood :(

  7. These are the greatest pictures ever! I love photoshop and the things people do with it :) I am glad that I was not in Toronto that day, I would probably have been stuck for hours!

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