Canada Day: Celebrating Canadian Authors

In honour of Canada Day (Happy 145!), I thought I’d celebrate all the amazing Canadian authors I’ve had the unbelievably fortunate opportunity to have met. There’s something about being a Canadian writer that just exudes a great vibe, to me. Everyone that I’ve met has been so friendly, so gracious and so down-to-Earth that it really puts some truth to that Canadian stereotype.

Actually, the first author I met was Eric Wilson, a Canadian author who wrote children’s books set around Canada. I loved his Tom and Liz Austen Mysteries series. I distinctly remember him visiting our elementary school and doing a reading, with little ol’ me sitting right up near the front to get the best spot.

And to my fellow Bloggettes who are budding writers: Christa & Sara! <3 (and hopefully me, one day!)

I love reading books set locally in Toronto, or within Canada, and celebrating authors from this great country is no different. It’s fantastic that there are more and more Canadians in the market with mainstream titles now when, many years ago, it personally felt like most Canadian books were set in rural places, “required” reading in school and not necessarily very engaging. This upswing is an amazing direction to be on.

And of course, if you haven’t already, be sure to check out my Canada Day Blog Hop giveaway (ends tonight at 11:59pm EST) where I’m giving away 1 out of 12 books, many of them listed above!



  1. Ah, Eric Wilson! Loved those books when I was younger. I agree about books we had to read in school – they were rural and boring and put a lot of people off Canadian writing, including myself. I had to read THE STONE ANGEL in grade 12 and it was just awful. Sigh. But there are so many Canadian authors out there now, which is awesome to see! Happy Canada Day! Hope you get to enjoy some fireworks tonight :)

  2. Wow this is a great list of Canadian authors! Happy Canada Day! :) I hope you have a fantastic time and enjoy everything Canadian!

  3. Canada is lucky to have so many amazing, down to earth and friendly authors! I love Ami McKay too :) I still need to read books from quite a few on this list, but I hadn’t heard of a few so I’m off to check them out. Great list Michele!

  4. You’re lucky to have met so many Canadian authors! I would love to meet Ami McKay and Megan Crewe!

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