Swoon-Worthy Sundays: Boyband Nostalgia

This week’s Swoon-Worth Sundays feature is inspired by some exciting (for me) news that was announced earlier this week: 98 Degrees is reuniting for a one-night only concert at the Summer Mixtape Concert! Seeing the line-up brought back a lot of nostalgia for the boybands of my childhood. (So much so that my sister is seriously considering us going to Hershey, PA to go to the concert!) While New Kids on the Block were more my generation, I hadn’t really gotten interested in Top 40 music until the Backstreet Boys were on the scene although my first memory of really being into a song on the radio was when Boyz II Men came out with “I’ll Make Love To You” (yeah, like that’s not an awkward song to love when you’re 13.)

…. I got sidetracked from writing this for a moment as I rewatched some of 98 Degrees’ music videos. Boy did these guys know how to make some good looking songs! <– yep, 3 different links there.. check ’em out. I’ll wait here while you swoon a bit. 😉

Edit (8/20): the 98 Degrees reunion on the Today show!! *swoon* indeed!

98 Degrees

Once NKOTB and Backstreet Boys started that trend, there was an onslaught of boybands that emerged. One of which was N Sync, created by the same guy who started BSB. When their first single “I Want You Back” came out, I thought it was way too similar to BSB’s first song “We’ve Got It Goin’ On” and immediately disliked them in that teenage-mind of mine for that one reason. However, when they released No String Attached and it was AWESOME, I begrudgingly opened up my fandom to like TWO 5-member boybands. 😉

While I never understood the reasoning behind always dressing them alike, it was definitely a different boyband scene back in the 90s. I felt that everything just seemed so much more… wholesome. Maybe it was because this was before/at the beginning of the Internet boom where everything and anything was easily accessible – good or bad – but back then, if we wanted news or info about our favourite pop stars, we’d have to pick up the monthly teen magazines like Bop or Tiger Beat! That disconnectedness that doesn’t really exist anymore because of Twitter and the like. Anonymity is even less attainable and all sorts of “scandals” and dirty laundry are aired for all. I guess, back then, if someone wanted to keep their private lives a secret, it was much easier to do so.  … I still think it’s the matching wardrobe. Gives the impression to teens & parents alike that they’re fun, wholesome pals who aren’t threatening so your young daughters can go crazy over them!

Why do they always dress alike?!

(Pretty awesome: Buzzfeed has compiled a “63 Reasons Why Boybands Were Better in the 90’s“)

There are some days where I’ll hear one of these groups’ songs on the radio (marked as “flashbacks”, no less) and I catch myself singing along, still knowing all the words after all these years. My colleague and I go through phases sometimes where we’ll just feel nostalgic and put on some good ol’ boybands music to pass the afternoon. (Until one time last summer when her headphones accidentally popped out and BSB came blaring through her laptop speakers!) 😳

An assortment of boybands from my childhood

While I feel old now since I’m not as in tune with the new bands that are out there (since I had no idea who One Direction was up until recently), it’s kind of nice to see this resurgence of boybands come back around. It’s like any trend whether it’s in fashion or otherwise, what was hip before will fade away only to come back around again. Because, of course before NKOTB the big “boyband” would have probably been The Beatles and there’s a reason it was dubbed “Beatle-Mania”!  So although I don’t know who any of these new guys are, it brings a smile to my face hearing teens claim who their favourites are – just like we did with each of our fave groups back then. (And for the record, mine were Nick (BSB), Lance (N Sync), Drew (98*) 😛 )

A few discussion questions:

  • Did you ever get into the boyband craze (or are you currently in your boyband phase)?
  • Which groups did/do you love?
  • What are some of your classic nostalgic childhood songs that you’d know to this day?
  • And of course, the obligatory – fave member(s)?

Okay, off to take a trip down boyband memory lane… happy reminiscing!


  1. I was a total boy band fan girl!!! I had the NKOTB Comforter and Pillow Case. I also loved 98 Degrees, BSB’s and N’Sync. Oh, and totally loved Boyz II Men and old school 112. I have to say that I do love One Direction even though I’m an adult now. Awesome post. Love the pics!!
    Amy recently posted..Weekly Recap/Stacking the Shelves (14) In which I dance lol!My Profile

  2. OMG! A way back playback! Hahahaha, totally awesome. This reminds me of a conversation that I had with one of my friends. The discussion included items like the mix tape, the cassette tape and the eraser end of a non-mechanical pencil. I don’t think children of the future –or even now — will be able to make the connection.

  3. Oh my God I love this post. LOL. As you know – I freaking LOVED boybands. I’m so stoked that you added a pic of 3Deep in here. I loved them and they actually came to little ol’ North Bay for a concert when I was about 15 or something… That was an awesome night for me. Loved it. That’s so awesome about the Mix Tape Festival. I’d TOTALLY go see that. I told myself just before *NSYNC broke up that I was definitely going to go see them the next time they came to Canada as I had a feeling they wouldn’t be around much longer – too bad they weren’t ever going to come back to Canada and I had missed my opportunity. :( On to your questions:

    – Did you ever get into the boyband craze (or are you currently in your boyband phase)? Yep, totally did. I didn’t know about One Direction until recently either. My cousin asked me if I knew who they were as she knew I loved boybands and thought that I’d totally be in to them, but I was clueless. To be honest, I STILL haven’t listened to any of their stuff.

    – Which groups did/do you love? Sooo many, but *NSYNC was my favourite. Followed closely by BSB, Hanson, soulDecision, 3Deep, 5ive, Westlife, O-Town… God, the list goes on and on…

    – What are some of your classic nostalgic childhood songs that you’d know to this day? I actually still listen to my 90s stuff quite regularly (Xander and I were dancing around to S Club 7 tonight – LOL), so there are tons

    – And of course, the obligatory – fave member(s)? For *NSYNC it changed on a regular basis. LOL. It was Justin for awhile, then Chris, then finally Joey (who is still my fave – love him!). I also loved Jeff from 98 degrees, Brian from BSB, Shane from Westlife, Eddie from 3Deep, Jacob from O-Town… *sigh* I need to go watch me some videos. LOL
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  4. This is the greatest post ever! I love going back to those swoon worthy boy bands from the 90’s… and those videos you posted… YUM!! I do have to say, do you notice in 98 degrees that Nick is the only one with any solos in most of the songs? Or am I just crazy? LOL I absolutely love swoon worthy Sundays, they just get better and better 😉 And for the record I was definitely a Drew girl for 98 degrees, but I loved Brian a little more than Nick from BSB. I still have a ton of BSB songs on my Ipod and love when the come up (those are CD’s I will never get rid of). Oh and of course I was big on Hanson when they came out, and loved Zac, he was just so cute (and my age lol).
    Andrea recently posted..Review: One Good Hustle by Billie LivingstonMy Profile

  5. Ahaha, YES! Oh, Boy Bands. I was an *NSYNC girl all the way (I still listen to them, particularly It’s Gonna Be Me, on a fairly regular basis, LOL), but 90 Degrees was my second favorite. I only liked a couple BSB songs.

    I have absolutely NO idea about OneDirection. A couple months ago, they started popping up EVERYWHERE, all over the magazines at B&N. I still have yet to hear a song by them (as far as I know), though, which I find odd. You’d think they would play on the normal “popular music” stations if they were so popular. I’ve been meaning to look them up on Spotify just to satisfy my curiosity, but I just haven’t yet.
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  6. OMG Nick from 98 Degrees!!! 98 Degrees were probably my fave boy band. :)

    I watched the Backstreet Boys in Toronto with a friend from high school, and we were just in nostalgia mode the whole time!

    How about Boyzone? I loved their old-fashioned songs…
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