Swoon-Worthy Sundays: The Notebook

Ah, the inaugural Swoon-Worthy Sundays post. Since I already had a few posts dedicated to some favourite bad boys, I wanted to pick something different for this first post. So besides bad boys, what was the first thing that came to mind that made me swoon? The one and only movie that has ever made me cry: The Notebook.

I’m honestly not one that enjoys romance movies let alone tear up at one but something about this film must’ve resonated with me. The heartbreaking love story, the beautiful setting & gorgeous cinematography made what would be another romance film into the contemporary classic that it is today. Moviegoers fell in love with the beautiful Rachel McAdams and sexy Ryan Gosling, skyrocketing them into everyone’s radar, making them a household name.

While Allie & Noah were the main characters and deserve much of the swooning, it comes as no surprise to those who know me that I’m crazy about James Marsden, who (once again) plays the “other guy”, Lon. Admittedly, he was the reason why I originally wanted to go see the movie at the time. Little did I know that my friend and I would be bawling through the entire moving from about 1/3 of the way into it. But check him out in all his uniform glory… how can a gal not swoon at the sight of this man leaning against a car waiting for ya?

*ahem* Right. Back to the movie.

There were so many scenes inΒ The Notebook that would constitute falling into this “swoon-worthy” category. From the moment that’s captured in the movie poster to when they first meet, to oh-so-many other heart-swelling scenes – this film is one big swoon-fest.

I generally prefer the books to the movies, however I’ve found that with Nicolas Sparks books, I tend to find them a bit boring and actually like the movies more. Maybe it’s going back to my not-liking-romance hang-up, where I find the books are too romantic/sappy/what-have-you but with the added casting choices, it gives more life & depth to the otherwise meh-read.

A gorgeously-set shot from the movie

One of my fave shots of Allie. Looking beautiful, lovely setting & lighting.

A few discussion questions:

  • Have you read the book and/or seen the movie? What are your thoughts? How do they compare?
  • Forgetting what the two guys looked like in the movie, what would you have picked: a lifetime of wealth & security or uncertainty & love?


  1. I have a pile of Nicholas Sparks books, but haven’t read any of them. I did really love the movie for The Notebook, though! It’s one of my favourites and it ALWAYS makes me cry!
    Kristilyn (Reading in Winter) recently posted..In My Mailbox #30My Profile

  2. WHY!? Am I just hearing about “Swoon Worthy Sunday’s” … NOW! I am in love with this idea! Then again anytime I get to swoon over characters, couples, books, or movies I am in my zone! πŸ˜€ hehe… NOW! Onto your questions – (1) I have never ever read a Nicholas Sparks book and the only two I have watched is “A Walk to Remember” and the “Last Song” (just recently … *cough* last night, lol!) And I am not entirely sure if I could choose … I am all about the undying life long love idea but the uncertainty I’m not sure if I could deal with that, lol. Buuuuut I am a romantic individual so I guess I’d have to go with uncertainty and love; as long as he loved me I could survive! lol.

    FANTASTIC! Idea I am 100% down for participating in this post every Sunday! :)
    Jackie @ the Hardcover Obsession recently posted..the Seduction of Phaeton Black:Tour Stop!My Profile

  3. I was so excited to find out who/what the first pick would be! I know it probably wasn’t easy for you to narrow through all of them for today, but I am so glad that you did. I forgot about this novel/movie, but it’s one of the few movies that has made be break down into tears and also one of the few movies which I can still respect as a romance many years later. (Some of them get cheesy after some time has passed by.) This entire story was a swoon-fest!

    I must agree and admit that this is my favourite Nicholas Sparks piece. I have read some other books by him and I found myself growing more and more disinterested as I read on. However, this is one that held my attention all the way through. And James Marsden is to die for.

    You have posted some awfully difficult questions. I feel that yes, you have to be able to chase your heart, especially when it is that strong of a calling. However, I’m sure that many people have married into wealth and security and then find themselves in love as they grow to know the person. I’m just trying to vouch for both sides :)

    Thank you for your good thoughts and conversations. I cannot wait for the next one!

    Jen :)

  4. The boyfriend and I started dating the summer The Notebook came out, and it’s always been a movie I’ve held dearly. Excellent topic for your very first Swoon Worthy Sundays! James Marsden…holy hell YUM!

  5. I have only read a few Nicholas Sparks books, but I think I like the movies better too. I think that like you, I don’t really feel the romance so much when reading it. It seems maybe a little too much in the books, but on screen it works really well.
    Amy recently posted..Cover Re-Reveal: Inbetween by Tara FullerMy Profile

  6. I’m actually a little ashamed to say I’ve never seen this movie. I have however read the book. It wasn’t my favourite novel but I could definitely see how it would make a swoon worthy movie. Since you say you tend to like his movies better than his books, I think I have to finally watch this!
    Christa @ Hooked on Books recently posted..Book Review: The Letter Q: Queer Writers’ Notes to their Younger SelvesMy Profile

  7. I’m gonna love these posts, I think!! I love Nicholas Sparks books. :)

    Have you read the book and/or seen the movie? What are your thoughts? How do they compare?
    – Yes, I’ve read the book and seen the movie. I honestly can’t remember the book that well, so that tells you something right there – the movie was THAT good that it made me forget all about the book. That being said, I remember the follow-up The Wedding very well (although I just read that not TOO long ago)

    Forgetting what the two guys looked like in the movie, what would you have picked: a lifetime of wealth & security or uncertainty & love?
    – Uncertainty and love all the way. I would never marry someone for money…
    Ang @ The Next Chapter recently posted..Book Review: Heist Society by Ally CarterMy Profile

  8. I know what you mean about Nicholas Sparks books. I haven’t read The Notebook (plan to get around to it sometime just so I can compare the two though). But yes, this movie is absolutely swoon worthy! I have never cried so much in a movie as I did in this one. Great post. PS. Love the new meme!!!
    Andrea recently posted..Review: Seraphina by Rachel HartmanMy Profile

  9. I am a 45 year old guy who served in the military. Now a paramedic…consider myself a mans man. This movie made me ball like a 3 year old who just dropped an ice cream cone. James Garner and his lovely bride where so moving. The ‘5 minute’ scene where she is confused and yelling and Mr Garner is crying..my god, there is the definition of love. Thank you to anyone reading this as I wipe more tears.

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