Random Act of Kindness: My Missing Belt!

Yesterday, I had worn a nice dress to work that came with a really cute skinny black belt with a bow on it. I distinctly remember putting it on in the morning because of having to loop it through the dress loops, snap the metal nub into the hole and slip it through another hoop.

It wasn’t until 4pm yesterday afternoon, sitting in a meeting, that I suddenly realized I didn’t have it on me! (hence my tweet….)

The mystery begins…

I have no idea how it fell out of all those contraptions! or when it had fallen off! I tried to think back to the last time I might have noticed it. I had said my stomach was grumbling at lunch because I was hungry, and don’t remember feeling the belt then. I asked around a few colleagues and, upon describing the belt, one coworker said I definitely didn’t have it because she’d notice that specific belt. (Although another coworker thinks she DID see it on me…..)

Heading back to the car on the way home, my boyfriend said maybe it had fallen off even before we left the house, or maybe when I took the seatbelt off it would’ve unknowingly unhooked the belt. Nothing by the car, nothing in the parking garage, nothing at home. I had resigned myself to the fact that my ensemble was going to be incomplete from now on. :(


On the way into work this morning, we usually take a side path that cuts through the big streets. (We didn’t take it home because we walk a different way to the car at the end of the day.) and LOOK WHAT I SEE!!!!!

Mystery solved!

My belt. Just sitting there. A very kind person laid it out and AMAZINGLY nobody took it all day yesterday and overnight. Being right in Toronto, I’m actually really surprised and impressed that it was still there 24 hours later! It was probably exactly what my BF said.. that the seatbelt probably unlatched it and as I was walking, it just slipped off (!?) without me noticing apparently….

So a big thank you to the kind person who picked it up and put it on the fire hydrant. A big thank you to all the kind people who didn’t take it!! (Although, my colleague said i’m so tiny, nobody would want to steal a belt that they couldn’t fit into!) NONETHELESS….. thank you to everyone for this random act of kindness!! 😎


  1. Wow, that’s so nice, and so random! Glad you got your belt back!!
    Andrea recently posted..Cover Reveal: SWELL by Julie DuckMy Profile

  2. Awe that’s great to hear! I live in Toronto, so it IS very surprising to see you got it back, especially laid out so nicely. It’s refreshing to know there is still good and kind people out there :) Bows are awesome, I’d be upset too !!
    Lauren recently posted..Waiting on Wednesday(3)My Profile

  3. Excellent news! Always good to hear about the kindness of strangers…
    lostinagreatbook recently posted..YA Round-up: What Are You Looking Forward to Reading?My Profile

  4. Wow! That’s so awesome that you found it and it’s great that someone was nice enough to pick it up and hang it on the fire hydrant.
    Amy @ Book Loving Mom recently posted..Blog Tour: Wake by Amanda Hocking Review and GiveawayMy Profile

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