Recap & Giveaway: Fan Expo 2012

What a marathon weekend this has been. I’ve gone to Fan Expo before in the past but only for one day, either on Friday or Sunday. Never have I tackled 3 out of the 4 days of this event but as I mentioned last week, I bought a 4-day pass in the hopes of catching some of Sam’s appearances. Be forewarned this is a doozy of a post.. lots of recapping with pics and videos and some swag giveaway!

I took so many photos of everyone’s costumes that it was easier to just upload them into an album.. so if you want to see the fantastic characters that I saw this weekend, click on over to here!


As soon as work let out at 1pm, my office friend and I zoomed down to the Metro Toronto Convention Centre to maximize our expo-time. Met up with Angel (Mermaid Vision Books) and Meg (Coffee and Wizards) for a bit and just wandered the vendor floor for the afternoon. Definitely my favourite part was going through the Artist Alley section. So many very very talented people with amazing works of art. My friend left in the late afternoon and Meg, Angel & I went to go line up for the Canadian exclusive pre-screening of JJ Abrams’ new show Revolution. Check out my recap on the show & preview screening over on Paper Droids! (My first contribution to the awesome site!)

Day 1: Harper Collins booth | Revolution screening | Meg & Angel | Lesley Livingston | Mary Kitchen & Billy Burke at Revolution screening

Here’s a small clip of Billy Burke, who made a surprise appearance before the screening of the pilot episode!

Day 1 of Celeb Spotting


Saturday was going to be a doozy of a day and, to be honest, I was dreading it. If there wasn’t so many things I wanted to see that were scheduled for Saturday I would have avoided this at all costs. It’s notorious for being the busiest and craziest day out of the 4 and I was worried about getting in in time for my photo-op with Gillian Anderson. Bright and early, got there just after 9am and the line-up was already down the block. Befriended a few pals in front of me which made the wait definitely better, and when I finally got in I met up with Meg & Angel (who had been lining up since 7:30am!) and then Christa (Hooked on Books) before making my way to the already-growing photo-op line. Kudos to the team running the photo-op line though.. huge line but whipped through all of them so quickly. I was so excited to meet Gillian Anderson and when it was my turn, I said to her how it’s so nice to meet her, took the picture, thanked her. Super fast, but what struck me was how she locked eyes with everyone. She even mentions it in her Q&A on Sunday, about how it’s nice looking into the eyes of all her fans and I absolutely love that. It wasn’t a quick bam-bam-bam photoshoot picture, but she took the time to look at every one that was coming through and acknowledging her fans. That small gesture leaves such a long-lasting impression.

After picking up my photo, I ran to get in line for the Nelsan Ellis Q&A panel (*sigh* … minus Sam :(). Nelsan Ellis (and as I learned, it’s pronounced Nel-SAHN) was hilarious in his Q&A.

“If I’m funny, it’s purely accidental. I don’t think I’m funny… I think I’m funny looking…”

Nelsan talked about finding out that Lafayette survives past season 1 (Watch the video of that moment here) and how he auditioned for the role at least 3-4 times, with the casting director telling him he sucked because he was playing Lafayette too much like a drag queen. In the end, the persona of Lafayette is based off his mom who was part sensual and part tomboy. He spills the beans that Alexander (Eric) and Ryan (Jason) are the biggest pranksters and if Lafayette were to have a threesome, it’d be with Arlene and Alcide! He teases that the finale of this season will see a lot of people die and that he has let himself get a little out of shape because he doesn’t want to get naked like many of his costars have. After some more questions from the audience (including an awkward request to reenact a scene by a “not a bunny”),

Once that panel was over, I was planning to hit up the James Marsters one, but there seemed to be a line-up pile-up outside that room with people lining up for both Alan Tudyk and the Buffy/Angel duo. It was too chaotic and in the end I just decided to try and find the girls and somewhere to charge my phone. After some mishaps with lack of signal, Angel finally found me and we hung out for a bit more before I was going to head to the writing panel about developing paranormal characters in the wake of Twilight and True Blood establishing so much lore already. As I sat there, I noticed the line starting to form quickly for The X-Files‘ William B Davis, so I opted to go wait in that line instead.

“The Truth is Out there… But Where?” panel was pretty interesting. William B. Davis is a self-proclaimed skeptic and he discusses what it was like to work on The X-Files being such a skeptic, and jokes how he thought the show would never amount to anything. [WATCH VIDEO] For a character that never spoke on the show, he’s got quite an eloquent way of speaking. While at times it seemed a bit on the cusp of a debate among the crowd with the Q&A, it was interesting to hear him speak about stuff this skeptic does believe in. It was a bit frustrating for those on his left, as he took every single question from the right side. I would have wanted to ask him what he thought of the paranormal investigators that use science to prove or disprove those mysterious claims. Davis quoted that “extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence”, so I would have wanted to hear what he had to say about those like Ghost Hunters who do use science and do approach that field as a skeptic, to a certain extent.

Day 2 of Celeb Spotting


After the long day I had on Saturday, I was half-debating whether to go on Sunday at all. But Jenn (Lost in a Great Book) has been raving about the new show Arrow, and the screening for it was at 10:30am so my curiosity was piqued and dragged myself up and out of the house again. Boy am I glad I did. While I thought Revolution was pretty good, intriguing with potential, Arrow completely blew me away. I’ll write up a further recap/review closer to the October premiere but WOW. Guys, this is a MUST WATCH for the Fall season. It’s action-packed, funny, great cast.

Wandered a bit after the Q&A but Angel texted that the line-up for Gillian Anderson’s Q&A was already starting so I decided to park myself over there. Now, this is one of the biggest learnings I had from this weekend… I wasn’t keen on going by myself at first but it’s moments like this that I have been happy to be by myself. Only one single seat to find and people often don’t sit right up next to another so in both instances on Sunday, I managed to get great seats. Gillian Anderson’s Q&A? I was 3 rows back, 2nd seat in on the side. Win.

Looking gorgeous and radiant (which she attributes to yoga, when asked), Gillian graciously answered a whole slew of questions ranging from her character on the show and being a great female role model to her life now. Right off the top of the panel Gillian was asked about whether she was a shipper (how appropriately timed with my Swoon Worthy Sundays post yesterday!) . It was hilarious how she was so confused about the terms “shipper” and “NoRoMo”. She says she recently met with Chris Carter (creator of X-Files) and it’s looking good on their end for a 3rd movie! When asked what music she most attributes to her time on The X-Files, Gillian laughs infectiously as she tries to remember what song it was that she loved and blasted in her car all the time back then.

After doing one more loop around the vendor floor and getting my X-Files DVD signed by William B Davis, I decided to call it a day.

Day 3 of Celeb Spotting

What I’ve learned from this marathon weekend?

  • Not so bad going alone… easier to find good single seats in the panels!
  • Don’t be self-conscious wearing a costume. I just had my Slytherin tie and felt less out of place instantly!
  • Sundays are definitely the way to go. The most calm and relaxing day out of the three.
  • Us geeks are so friendly and rule-abiding.. everyone was courteous, considerate and followed the crazy confusing mess of lines by not butting

My Swag | My Purchases | My Signed DVDs

Time for some swag giveaways!

I grabbed a bunch of things to share with my lovely blog readers so enter for one, some, or all!
(There is a different “Leave a blog comment” question to each giveaway)

Prize #1 & 2

  • First winner drawn will win a set of 7 Once Upon a Time buttons
  • Second winner drawn will win a set of 6 Once Upon a Time buttons (I thought I got a whole 2nd set but missed Red Riding Hood)
  • Open to Canada and US

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Prize #3 & 4

  • First winner drawn: An EB Games/Halo messenger bag + iTunes download card for three free episodes of Dr. Who
  • Second winner drawn: A reusable tote with Walking Dead on one side and Spartacus on the other + iTunes download card for three free episodes of Dr. Who
  • Open to Canadian residents ONLY

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Prize #5

  • An 11×17 Big Bang Theory poster + a glow in the dark Revolution poster
  • Open to Canada and US
  • NOTE: Posters will be shipped folded in half, but fortified so it won’t bend or crinkle.

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Good luck and I hope you enjoyed my recap of Just a Lil’ Lost… at Fan Expo 2012!


  1. I saw Matthew Grey Gubler being driven past when I was in line for a ticket. Totally geeked out. Reid’s totally my favourite on Criminal Minds (doesn’t hurt that he has Jane Lynch for a mother too!). :)

    Great pics and videos! Thanks! :)

    P.S. Love the pics of James Marsters and Jamie Bamber, but seriously have to squee over your photo with Gandalf. Gandalf! 😀
    Jaclyn recently posted..Review | What in God’s Name, Simon RichMy Profile

  2. I really need to go to Fan Expo one year! It sounds like you had so much fun. It’s too bad that Sam from True Blood cancelled though :(

    Super excited to check out Arrow because everyone has been saying how amazing it is.

    Those Once Upon A Time buttons look awesome!
    Kathy recently posted..New To My Book ClosetMy Profile

  3. Yay for Fan Expo! This was my third year going and it just keeps on getting better! I just went on the Saturday this year but my friends and I are thinking of doing the whole weekend next year! The Saturday was so crazy that we didn’t even get a chance to see everything within the expo space alone (not including the panels), so more than one day definitely seems like a necessity now. Well, time for me to go write up my blog recap! :)
    PS. I’m the girl from Facebook who ended up being in one of your photos! Such a small world!!!

  4. This is such an awesome recap. I am about to hop over to Paper Droids to read about the Revolution Screening. I am really excited about that show! It looks like you had a fantastic time. I don’t know what I am the biggest fan of. I am pretty HP obsessed. I might be a bit obsessed with Once Upon a Time too. I won’t miss an episode for anything. I can’t wait for season two to start.
    Amy @ Book Loving Mom recently posted..Blog Tour: A Bad Day for Voodoo by Jeff Strand Review and ExcerptMy Profile

  5. I didn’t end up going because I’d heard Friday was so crazy! Glad you got to go and see Nelsan Ellis and Gillian Anderson – sorry we missed Sam Trammell! Your recap made me feel like I was there with you, so thanks for that!

    Honestly, I wanted to see Patrick Stewart the most (huge Trekkie), so I’m actually kind of happy that I saved my money for next year.

  6. What an awesome event! Thanks for sharing your recap! :) I would be so embarrassed to dress up for something like that, but I’m sure I’d be just like you and feel just at home once I got there to see that EVERYONE is just as silly as me. :)

    It sounds like you had an AWESOME time!
    Kristilyn (Reading in Winter) recently posted..BOOK REVIEW: The Fault in Our Stars, by John GreenMy Profile

  7. The GONE series by Michael Grant.

  8. Gladiators! You can kill zombies with a hit to the brain (a spear will be mighty handy).

  9. As for a brand new TV series, probably Elementary because I love Sherlock.

  10. Biggest thing I’m a fan of would have to be anything with werewolves then again I don’t really know! lol!!
    Sarah Kalaitzidis recently posted..Erotic Horror Manga ReviewMy Profile

  11. Zombies would diffidently win! Thanks for the great giveaway!
    Sarah Kalaitzidis recently posted..Erotic Horror Manga ReviewMy Profile

  12. Not entering the giveaways, but I had a lot of fun reading your recap and seeing the pics!! I forgot that Jamie Bamber was going to be there. Love! <33 I'd definitely love to go to FanExpo one year.
    Ashley @ Book Labyrinth recently posted..Interview with Heather Beck + GiveawayMy Profile

  13. Looks like you had a wonderful time at Fan Expo! Thank you for sharing your recap and photos of the convention! That’s awesome that you got to meet Gillian Anderson and see so many cool celebs like Norman Reedus in-person!!!

    I’m a really big fan Kelley Armstrong’s Women of the Otherworld series. Thank you for the cool giveaway! :)

  14. Oh wow, this sounds like a blast.

    I’m answering to questions- I’m probably the biggest fan of Harry Potter and all things related to it. But I’m a fan of a lot of things. LOL

    This fall, I’m excited for Glee, The Big Bang Theory, and the new show Elementary looks pretty good, and of course the show Psych. LOVE IT.
    Shootingstarsmag recently posted..Let’s Time Travel- A Vintage Gift GuideMy Profile

  15. Gladiators :)

  16. I think hands down I am a fan of The Vampire Diaries. Buffy The Vampire Slayer followers a close second…..followed by True Blood….. hmmmmm there seems to be a theme here….

  17. I would love to go to fan expo one year! I think I would have to say out of tv series there are so many that I liked and will watch again and again, Gilmore Girls, Buffy, Angel, CSI, Criminal Minds.

  18. I keep hearing that I need to watch ONCE UPON A TIME. I think tonight I will go check it out. I’ve heard amazing things. BUT the things that I am a HUGE FAN of are BONES TV SHOW, WALKING DEAD anything, anything Fae and Big Bang Theory TV Show. Those are all the things I can think of right now. :) Thanks for the wicked giveaway!
    Chrystal @ Snowdrop Dreams of Books recently posted..Review: Deadlocked 2 by AR WiseMy Profile

  19. The number one biggest thing I’m a fan of has to be… SAILOR MOON!!!! Just saying the words brings a smile to my face!! I’m a super fan! Always and forever! 😉

    What show’s I’m looking forward to this fall: Grey’s Anatomy, Once upon a time, Arrow, Beauty and the beast, and last but not least… Vampire Diaries! 😀
    Amanda Marie recently posted..Another five star review to add to the list!!! My Review of Diety by Jennifer L. Armentrout!My Profile

  20. I am the biggest fan of Buffy. I watch the full series at least once a year I would think. I have all the comic books, tie in novels, etc. One day I will get the figurines too…one day!
    Gwenyth Love recently posted..[Cover Reveal] Naturals by Tiffany TruittMy Profile

  21. Who would win in a fight? I would have to go with Gladiators, because they move faster, and look much better doing it!
    Gwenyth Love recently posted..[Cover Reveal] Naturals by Tiffany TruittMy Profile

  22. Just realized there were multiple questions! The other half and I are most looking forward to Revolution. We love JJ Abrams, and this new premise is exactly the kind of stuff I like!
    Gwenyth Love recently posted..[Cover Reveal] Naturals by Tiffany TruittMy Profile

  23. I’m a fan of chocolate.

  24. Zombies would win

  25. Looking forward to the Beauty and the Beast show.

  26. Emily aka WilowRaven says:

    biggest thing I’m a fan of? The X-Files :) I watched every show the night it aired – like I rescheduled my life around it :)
    Greg recap! Sounds like you had a really good time.

  27. Hm, biggest thing I’m a fan of? Well, books are a given. But other than that? I will pick the TV show Gilmore Girls. Watching my set of DVDs over and over and over again is what helped me get through university! :)
    Kaley Stewart (@KaleyS23) recently posted..Guest Post: Sarah BridgetonMy Profile

  28. Um, zombies, of course! Gladiators may fight for Sparta or vengeance, but zombies just keep going – even to the last little finger (gross…).

  29. The biggest thing I’m a fan of is probably a 3-way tie between Community, Doctor Who and Firefly. Yes, all TV shows, I know. Haha.

  30. I would fall squarely on the side of zombies in that match-up.

  31. For returning shows, I’m most looking forward to Community and Once Upon a Time.
    For new shows, I’m most looking forward to Revolution. The pilot episode is already available for viewing and I really enjoyed it.

  32. So I’m going to answer all the questions in one comment.

    #1: Biggest thing I’m a fan of would probably be One Tree Hill because it was the first TV show that I watched from the beginning and kept watching the whole way through.

    #2: I’m all for the zombies…though gladiators tend to be nicer to look at.

    #3: TV show I’m most looking forward to this fall is not a new one, but I can’t wait for the season premiere of Bones because of the way the last season ended.

    And of course thanks for the great giveaway Michele!

  33. The arrow I’m looking forward too!
    Sarah Kalaitzidis recently posted..Kavachi’s Rise The Devouring Book Tour Excerpt!My Profile

  34. Hhmmm I’m a huge fan of Doctor who and anime and in a fight definitely gladiators. Um..lets see i guess i’m most looking forward to some new Doctor who episodes and new upcoming anime series as well.
    Thanks for the giveaway!!!

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