Swoon-Worthy Sundays: Mulder & Scully

In honour of Gillian Anderson appearing at Fan Expo this weekend (and meeting her yesterday!! – more on that in tomorrow’s Fan Expo recap), I thought I would feature the first on-screen duo that was probably the first TV pairing that I “shipped”. Like many other fans, everyone wanted this believer and this skeptic to get together already!

The X-Files started in 1993 and continued for 9 seasons before calling it quits; 1 year after David Duchovny left the series. In spite of all the chemistry they appeared to have onscreen, I remember being shocked to hear that they actually weren’t too fond of each other during the show. Whether that was a rumour in itself, or exaggerated for the purposes of good entertainment gossip is quite possible as well.

I remember not even knowing much about the show when it first aired, but looking back in hindsight, I completely attribute it to my love and fascination for the paranormal now. My mom was the one that introduced me to it, when I walked into her room one evening as she was watching an episode. I distinctly recall it having to do with zoos and animals (which turned out to be the season 2 episode Fearful Symmetry) and I was completely hooked. I would then watch it religiously every week, taping it on the VCR (!!) so I could watch it again. There was one summer where I spent a good few weeks having a marathon of rewatching the series from the beginning. (oh, weren’t those the days when we didn’t have to work!)

Whether it was intentional on the show or not, the fans and the media certainly picked up on it and teased their “will they/won’t they” relationship for quite a while, possibly paving the way for many other tension-filled couples on more current shows now.

Rolling Stone cover from 1996

Now, all these years later and as recently as earlier this month, there have been rumours sprouting up that the two actors are actually dating. This leaves all the X-Philes crying out the show’s tagline together: I want to believe!

A few discussion questions:

  • Did you ever watch The X-Files? Either the TV show or the 2 movies?
  • Which “will they/won’t they” TV pairings do you root for?
  • Have you seen the other shows/movies these two have been in? (ie Californication, House of Mirth, etc.)?


  1. I’ve NEVER seen The X-Files, but now that it’s all over, I want to watch it! This happens all the time with me and TV shows. Too bad I can never get with the hype when it’s actually on the air. :)
    Kristilyn (Reading in Winter) recently posted..Clock Rewinders (3)My Profile

  2. I was a huge Mulder/Scully shipper before shipping was even called that – two things about the X-Files really got me: 1) the mythology arc – basically the whole aliens mystery, disappearance of Scully, etc 2) the romance. I think it was those two things that kept me watching for so long.
    Tiff recently posted..The Selection by Kiera CassMy Profile

  3. I’ve never seen X Files but that Rolling Stones cover is smokin!

    I root for any will they/won’t they- I am a sucker for a love story in tv shows. Ross and Rachel is the classic but I love most of them! x
    Pocketful of Books recently posted..A Book in Pictures: ‘All Things Different’ by Shawn UnderhillMy Profile

  4. I watched the entire series for the first time in 2009, plus the movies ! I’ve haven’t seen any of their new shoes but I am hoping for a third film !
    Jess C recently posted..52 Days of 52 Reasons to Love Jessica Brody and Her BooksMy Profile

  5. I was there. Watching the show from the beginning. And first, let me say that it’s awesome for younger people to still fall in love with this show. I can honestly say there has never been any other relationship on television that has ever come close to this, and probably never will. There is so much history between the characters, and also between David and Gillian. Things were not good between them while on the show, and it was not until 2008 that they started to admit all of it, and finally appreciate everything they were to each other. For all that happened, they have said that they do love each other. Chris Carter knew what he was doing when he cast them. Whether they are involved or not, I can’t say, but what I can say is that everything those two have been through on and off screen, they certainly do deserve all the happiness life has to offer, be it with each other or not. 😉

  6. I used to watch the X-Files and loved it. Newer shows with the will they/won’t they that I love or loved are House!! I adored the House/Cuddy dynamic. It’s a shame that it was so short lived and that the last season really sucked. It was one of my favorite shows. Then the other is Bones!!!! Freaking love that show. I loved how they did the Booth and Bones thing. It didn’t ruin the show one bit with having them get together. If anything I think the way they went about it makes the show better.
    Amy @ Book Loving Mom recently posted..Blog Tour: A Bad Day for Voodoo by Jeff Strand Review and ExcerptMy Profile

  7. X-FILES. ♥ Oh, Mulder and Scully. I loved them so much. I haven’t seen the show in years, and still notice random things like the number 1013 and cannot hear the word “dreamsicle” without adding “non-fat tofutti rice” in front of it. Mulder & Scully totally set the tone for the will-they-won’t-they couples of today’s television. And they set the bar super high.

    Also, LOL at the recording it on VCR and rewatching. I used to do that ALL THE TIME with the earlier seasons of CSI (with which I used to be totally and completely obsessed).

    I saw the first XF movie (more than once), but have not seen the second. When that came out, I was still living with my parents who had enforced a strict no XF rule. As for other shows, I watched the first 5 or so episodes of Californication but wound up losing interest.
    Sharon (Fictionally Inclined) recently posted..Review: A Lady by Midnight by Tessa DareMy Profile

  8. I’ve always been a fan of the X-Files but have never actually watched the show from start to finish until recently. I wasn’t even half way through the first season and I was already dying for the two of them to get together! I don’t know how I’m going to make it through all the sexual tension! Thank goodness for FanFiction.net!

    And come to think of it, I’ve actually never seen anything else Gillian Anderson has been in. She is Scully and Scully only in my mind. I have, however, watched Californication. I really like the first season/season and a half but then got a little bored. The story was always the same and there was only so much of Hank Moody’s man-whoring I could take. I’ll take Fox over Hank any day of the week.
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  9. I was a huuuuuuge X-Files fan, to the point of running a Canadian X-Philes Yahoo group way back in the day. I most definitely shipped Mulder/Scully (with a bit of Scully/Skinner on the side). It was also my first online fandom and source of the first fanfiction I ever wrote (thank goodness none of which is still extant…).

    My first two episodes were War of the Coprophages (its original airing in season 3) and a rerun of Squeeze (season 1), both of which remain favourites for me. We recently started rewatching for the first time in years and I was so happy to see how well they hold up.

    Outside of the show, I’ve always been much more a Gillian Anderson than David Duchovny fan. In particular, I loved her the little-known movie The Mighty, based on Rodman Philbrick’s wonderful book Freak the Mighty. I highly recommend the movie, if you haven’t seen it. It makes me cry every time I see it.
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