Swoon-Worthy Sundays: Shane West

When thinking of who to feature for this week’s SwS I realized that I’ve had Shane West come up in quite a few different conversations over the past week – it was a sign. From one individual telling me that she was approached by the people from Nikita to use their backyard for filming into neighbouring yards to people I follow on Twitter mentioning that they saw Shane at a movie screening in Toronto, it was the obvious choice for this week.

While A Walk To Remember wasn’t Shane’s first starring role, it was most likely the movie that made him a household name. Much like my first SwS post for The Notebook, this film was also based off a Nicholas Sparks book (which I also preferred the film version more). A story about a bad boy (and you guys know how I love my bad boys) who becomes enamoured by a “plain” girl is such a swoon-worthy premise. At that time, I didn’t know of many girls who weren’t crushing on Landon Carter after seeing that movie.

One of my favourite scenes (and songs) from the movie:

*swoon* | scene from A Walk To Remember

After a smattering of roles in various movies and TV shows, he landed the part of Dr. Ray Barnett on ER for 5 years. Admittedly, I wasn’t that big on the show, but I did manage to catch a few episodes here and there while he was on it. I actually didn’t realize he was on that show for as long as he was until I looked it up to write this post!  Since the finale of the hospital drama, Shane can now be seen on the CW’s Nikita starring opposite the gorgeous Maggie Q – which films in Toronto! A friend of mine was actually an extra in a couple episodes of the show (jealous!)

Shane as Michael on Nikita | Photo credit: The CW

It’s nice to see an actor that I liked when I was younger grow up and mature in his roles on screen. From high school kid (remember Get Over It and Whatever It Takes??) to doctor and now ex-agent, his work is reflective of him growing as a person and as an actor.

A few discussion questions:

  • Have you seen A Walk To Remember? Were you also in the Landon fan club? :)
  • Did you watch Shane on ER and/or Nikita?
  • What has been your favourite role of his?
  • Which makes you swoon more: Goatee-Shane, or clean-shaven-Shane?



  1. I want to go watch A Walk to Remember right now! Swoon. Shane West is so cute in that movie. Excellent pick for Swoon Worthy Sunday this week.

    It is so awesome that you have your friend was an extra on Nikita!

    *runs off to find A Walk To Remember*
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  2. Yay, on the Shane West post! He was my sister’s teeny bopper crush. I like him more now, than in the past. I thought A Walk To Remember was an okay movie, I liked it more than the book, which I hated. I loved him in Whatever It Takes. I haven’t seen Nikita yet, but I have been meaning to give that show a go. I watched ER on and off, but I definitely stayed tuned for his season on the show and special guest episodes. I like him kind of scruffy, so I guess I love goatee-Shane ^_^

    I totally agree that it’s really nice to see him mature as an actor from his teen movies to his present acting roles. Same goes for Joshua Jackson, who I loved in the Mighty Ducks movies as a kid… didn’t care for him in Dawson’s Creek, but I LOVE him in Fringe.

  3. I’ve always liked Shane West in A Walk To Remeber ! I always wondered if he went on to do anything else.

  4. SO many things to comment on here, so I’m just going to work my way down, LOL.

    I hadn’t seen this feature before…and your Skate photo most definitely accomplishes its swoon-inducing goal. LOVE. I now have a serious urge to rewatch “I Do.”

    And Shane West. Oh, Shane West. A Walk to Remember was my favorite movie for quite a while during my teenage years, and oh how I loved me some Landon Carter. I was just listening to a song from it today.

    Agreed about the “Only Hope” scene! Most definitely in the Top 3 of the movie. I could probably write paragraphs about my various favorite moments/scenes from that movie, though, so I’ll just leave it at that.

    Ahaha, Whatever It Takes. I only saw that movie once, but man does that take me back.

    In answer to your question, I prefer clean-shaven or slightly-scruffy Shane. I’m not a big goatee person.

    I really want to watch Nikita, but I haven’t yet. I was trying to eliminate shows I watched over the course of the last year or so, not adding any new ones. It’s hard, though, because I sometimes see the previews during Hart of Dixie. And I just don’t have it in me to turn away from Shane West.

    • Hehe welcome to Swoon-Worthy Sundays! :) It’s my… 5th week I believe.. so much fun to write. And thank you for correcting my spelling of Landon.. for some reason I kept thinking it was Langdon.. corrected in the post now! 😛

      Hope to see ya swing by for more swoon-worthiness 😉 (and of course, I couldn’t resist some Skate lovin’… kudos to you for noticing it! 😉 )

      • Thanks! I’m definitely a fan of swoonage, so I’ll be back. 😀 And you are welcome! I’ve totally done that before, so no worries.

        Pssh, you CLEARLY do not know how many times I watched that Skate scene. Not that it was an unreasonably ridiculous amount or anything. Ahem. *shifty eyes*

  5. Oooh love Shane West! so yummy!

    Have you seen A Walk To Remember? Were you also in the Langdon fan club? :) – Yep, I’ve seen it! Frig, I love that movie.

    Did you watch Shane on ER and/or Nikita? – No, I didn’t/haven’t. I’m not a huge ER fan and I haven’t even heard of Nikita.

    What has been your favourite role of his? – Definitely Landon – A Walk to Remember. I honestly don’t know if I’ve seen anything else…

    Which makes you swoon more: Goatee-Shane, or clean-shaven-Shane? – clean shaven for sure. :)
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  6. Jacque Raine says:

    I love ” A Walk to Remember” up to now, I still vividly remember the scenes. I fall in Love with the movie, I cried and moved by the lessons they impart. I love the soundtrack and most of all, I love the actor/actress behind the characters. The songs “Cry and Only Hope” reminds me of the scenes. I still love the motion picture even though there are some scenes which were not detailed as detailed in the novel.

  7. I love A Walk To Remember and seriously cry every time I watch it. I loved him in that movie. Totally swoon-worthy!! I have the A Walk to Remember Soundtrack and would listen to it over and over again.
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  8. Honestly I’ve never seen any of the things he’s been in! He does look awfully swoon worthy though so I may have to use him as an excuse to finally watch ER or Nikita
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  9. This feature on your blog is soo cool! How come I haven’t seen it before? I loved A Walk to Remember!

    Please don’t hate me, but I saw Shane West walking downtown before. He looked at me and the intern as we walked right by him. I wanted to get a photo with him but we had to head back to work haha he just came back from McDonald’s 😛
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