Swoon-Worthy Sundays: Tv Teachers

I was recently reminded by a friend that I seem to have a thing for fictional teachers on TV. It wasn’t until we were discussing who were our favourite characters on particular shows that she made the connection they were all of the same profession! Maybe they are purposely casting them hotter, or I’m getting older so now they’re closer to my appropriate age group……… 😳

Will Schuester on Glee (played by Matthew Morrison)

Photo Credit: Fox

Oh, Mr. Schue… A guy who can sing & dance (and rap!) and has just enough of that adorkable quality to be teaching a bunch of precocious kids in the glee club. What I love about Will, and the entire show, is that they really don’t take themselves too seriously. They poke fun at the “geeky” things (or at least Sue Sylvester certainly will!) and embrace that nerdy culture. What Glee does well is that it balances out his character by showing his personal side too. Although I’ve heard complaints that they want less of his story and more of the kids, I personally think it makes the show more well-rounded by not focusing on the students the entire show.  C’mon, the “will they/won’t they” tension between him and Emma Pillsbury throughout season 1 was enough to make anyone swoon!

And who can forget this delicious scene from the Rocky Horror Picture Show episode??

Ezra Fitz on Pretty Little Liars (played by Ian Harding)

Photo Credit: The CW

Granted, I’ve just finally started season 2 yesterday so I don’t know how his whole storyline pans out but I’ve liked what I have seen so far in season 1.  It’s definitely got quite the secret forbidden quality to this character’s interactions and I obviously don’t condone the “hot for teacher” idea in real life at all but the CW sure knows how to make some good TV.


Mr. Carpenter on Ringer (played by Jason Dohring)

Similar to my Swoon-Worthy Sundays post from last week, it’s really nice to see someone who played a bad boy teenager mature in his roles and is now playing a teacher! (how surreal..) I didn’t catch onto this show, however, but I did watch the episode that Jason Dohring makes his first appearance and it’s definitely bizarre seeing him as an authority figure now when Logan Echolls (of Veronica Mars) would most likely NEVER respect who he plays now!

Photo Credit: The CW

Colin Forrester on Gossip Girl (played by Sam Page)

Photo Credit: The CW

With only a 4-episode arc in the show, he definitely left quite a handsome mark in my memory from it! He certainly doesn’t look old enough to be a teacher let alone a professor at Columbia but I guess when you live in the ridiculously rich world of Gossip Girl, anything is possible.

Although, now looking at my list there I can probably surmise that that’s the angle they’re going for… casting younger, hotter teachers… considering the similar storyline that seems to involve some of the CW shows. It’s interesting to look back at teen shows of the past where most of the teachers that were cast were more stereotypically older and would, in no way, make you think of them as “hot”.

A few discussion questions:

  • Last year, Entertainment Weekly posted their list of “35 Hot Movie/TV Teachers“… what do you think of that list? Are they missing your favourite?
  • What do you think of the apparent trend of teen shows casting good-looking teachers?


  1. Elvina Barclay says:

    I’m going to show my age, but one of my favorite TV teachers was Mr. Kotter played by Gabe Kaplan in “Welcome Back, Kotter”. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Welcome_Back,_Kotter Loved that show and I always wanted to be a “sweathog”. Who wouldn’t want to be in the same class as John Travolta (ok, 1970’s Travolta).

  2. Nice. Sounds like well done crushworthy teachers.
    Brandi from Blkosiner’s Book Blog
    brandileigh2003 recently posted..Stacking the Shelves, IMMB, and Showcase SundayMy Profile

  3. I totally agree with you on those!! Especially Matthew Morrison!! Yum!
    Amy @ Book Loving Mom recently posted..Cover Reveal: Conjure by Lea NolanMy Profile

  4. Oh the EW article has Sam Coulson from Never Been Kissed! He was always my favourite… Michael Vartan is sooo yummy!!!
    Andrea recently posted..Review: Starling by Lesley LivingstonMy Profile

  5. Love these posts!
    Ezra Fitz (Ian Harding) from Pretty Little Liars is so swoon worthy. Love him. You also can’t go wrong with Jason Dohring.

    I agree, now that I am older I tend to like the teachers more.
    Kathy recently posted..Beautiful Lies by Jessica WarmanMy Profile

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