Top 10 Tuesday 65

Top Ten Posts On Your Blog That Would Give The BEST Picture of YOU

(as a reader and a person — so pick the 10 best reviews/posts that you wish every potential reader of your blog would see!)

Ooh, what an interesting topic! Let’s see what 10 best “me” posts I can gather to showcase……

  1. OMG, Don’t You Ever Eat?? <– I’m quite proud of this piece I wrote last year, in response to criticism about me being “too skinny” and what being skinny means in a society that seems to celebrate that.
  2. Blogging the World of Harry Potter <– A piece I wrote, speculating on what it would be like if Harry Potter were to be released in this day and age with all the blogging and technology that is part of the book blogging community.
  3. Just a Lil’ Lost: the webcomic <– I started drawing webcomics based on the show Lost (and where my blog name originally stemmed from) .. I’ve slowly been putting them up on the site over the last little while!
  4. REVIEW: This Dark Endeavour by Kenneth Oppel <– I just posted this yesterday but was really happy with how it turned out, and how much I had to say about this book that I finally got around to reading.
  5. Tiger Mother <– My response to The Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother and how I felt it reflected on my own upbringing and childhood.
  6. REVIEW: Twilight Breaking Dawn part 1 <– My tongue-in-cheek sarcastic “review” of this first installment of the final book’s movie.
  7. A Snapshot of my Paris Trip <– The culmination of my long-awaited trip to Paris, this was a collection of photos and recap of my adventure and the raison d’être of my Paris Month blog event.
  8. An Evening of Murder Mystery… Writing <– One of the first book events I attended as a book blogger was to the Harper Collins Canada office to meet Peter James. This was also the post that garnered the most page views thanks to Mr. James linking it on his own page!
  9. Interview with Sophie Kinsella <– Of the many fantastic authors I’ve had the opportunity to interview, I’m still reeling from my luck that I got to ask Miss Shopaholic a few questions! Definitely one of the highlights of the past 1.5 years of book blogging.
  10. Bad Boys… with a Heart of Gold <– I definitely <3 my bad boys.. and this came out of a Twitter discussion, that turned into a compilation blog post which then started my now-weekly Swoon-Worthy Sundays posts!

And of course, what made your Top 10 list this week? Share your link and I’ll check it out too!


  1. That harry potter post sounds so interesting! Off to read it now. Fun list!
    rae gun ramblings
    marissa recently posted..8 Posts To Give You A Picture of MeMy Profile

  2. Great list and kudos for your interviews.
    Vikk @ Down the Writer’s Path recently posted..Snapshots of the blogger behind the blogMy Profile

  3. Love your post on how people seem to think it’s completely okay to give negative comments to skinny girls, even if they’d never think to say stuff like that to someone who’s overweight. As a teenager I was the same way, where I could eat anything I wanted and never put on any weight. I constantly had teachers, grandparents and random strangers ask me if I was eating enough, suspiciously paying attention to if I finished my lunch or threw it away, and always commenting on me being “too skinny”. Good to see that things are starting to change a bit..:)
    Nina Reads recently posted..Top Ten Posts On My Blog That Give The BEST Picture of MEMy Profile

  4. Those were great picks!! I thought all of those posts were great and we do get to see your personality shine though.
    Amy recently posted..Review: Onyx (Lux #2) by Jennifer L. ArmentroutMy Profile

  5. OMG, I love your post ‘OMG, don’t you ever eat?’. I have the same thing. I’m little and skinny. When I’m out on dinner with people I don’t know (and friends) they always ask why I don’t eat much. I can’t help it, when I’m full, I’m full and so sorry (NOT) that my plate isn’t empty. Whatev. They think I don’t eat anything, but I do eat.
    Somethimes it’s so frustrating. Anyway!

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