259/365: 5-Question Friday + Marsden v. Woods

This week seemed to drag on FOREVER… So, some of you may have seen a different Friday post I had up earlier, where I poked some fun at what I thought was an error on the Shelf Awareness email newsletter.. (mixing up James Marsden for James Woods) but turns out James Woods is also in […]

245/365: 5-Question Friday

Ah.. Friday and I’m back from vacay.. how depressing I’ll have more book-related posts coming up starting tomorrow, but for now, this week’s 5-Question Friday comes from Five Crooked Halos. And I’ve actually gotta do this quickly as it was just spontaneously decided that Gary, visiting from NYC (yes, where I just came back from), […]

238/365: 5-Question Friday

I often do my 5-Question Fridays from Friday5.org, but they haven’t posted yet and I need to finish packing and getting ready to go on vacation – so voila! Back to My Little Life‘s set of 5 questions. 1. Did you make any fun purchases this week? Hmm no, didn’t buy anything this week except […]

231/365: 5-Question Friday (and a poll!)

TGIF! (and one more week till I’m on vacation!) After the 5 Questions (hosted by Friday5.org), I have a little poll for my blog readers! 1. What was your most memorable alarm-clock failure? I think it was probably in high school.. I had a cheap faulty alarm clock that, if the switch wasn’t in the […]

224/365: 5-Question Friday

What a stressful long week this was for me.. thankfully it’s Friday (finally!) Just got back from watching the Glee 3D Concert movie, and I’ll review & discuss that in tomorrow’s post… because it’s time for 5-Question Friday! (brought to you by Friday5.org) 1. What could serve as physical evidence that you sometimes lose focus? […]

217/365: 5-Question Friday

Even with this shorter week (with Monday having been a holiday), it still felt like an extremely long week! Just realized the movie Get Him to the Greek is available On Demand… heard it’s hilarious so I’m watching that while doing today’s 5-Question Friday! (brought to you by Friday5.org) 1. What’s something you recently learned how […]

210/365: 5-Question Friday

Hurray! It’s finally Friday of a long weekend (for fellow Canadians) This week’s 5-Question Friday is brought to you by Friday5.org. 1. When did you last use a public restroom? Earlier today, when I was out for lunch with my friend. Was a bit disconcerting as it was a one-person restroom but the lock didn’t […]

203/365: 5-Question Friday

Ugh, TGIF. What a busy, stressful and annoying week. This week’s 5-Question Friday is brought to you by Friday5.org, with the theme of similes! 1. What’s your best advice for someone who’s as drunk as a skunk? Go home. Drink lots of water, eat something and GO HOME. 2. What’s your best advice for someone […]

196/365: 5-Question Friday

Wow, this week felt like it lasted forever… even tho it was quite busy! Anyway, here’s this week’s 5-Question Friday! (brought to you by Friday5.org) 1. What is the longest distance you’ve traveled (in one trip) by foot? It was probably when we were in NYC last year. I don’t know the exact distance, but […]

189/365: 5-Question Friday

TGIF! The first half of this week seemed to last forever… A random observation before I go into the 5-Question Friday.. For some reason my one blog post about Glee & Lost has come up really randomly in search results for “i’m a gleek” LOL.. 4 times just yesterday! So weird… Anyway, this week’s 5-Question […]

182/365: 5-Question Friday

Happy Canada Day my fellow Canadian readers! And a happy July 4th weekend to the Americans Today’s long weekend 5 questions is brought to you by Friday5.org 1. Of the five weekdays, which is the easiest to get through? Definitely Friday! Our office has half-day Fridays, so with the slightly earlier mornings, we get to […]

175/365: 5-Question Friday

Wow, this week felt like it’d never get to Friday… plus, went out late with a bunch of girls from work last night and it was a lonnnnng tired morning today for a lot of us.. LOL.. Anyway, it’s time for 5-Question Friday! Brought to you by Friday5.org  – This week, it looks like there’s […]

168/365: 5-Question Friday

TGIF on this gorgeously sunny Friday! Speaking of Friday, before I do my usual 5-Question Friday (brought to you by Friday5.org) – have you seen the Katy Perry video Last Friday Night (from Funny or Die)?? A bunch of hilarious cameos in it!! 1. Of the products you use just to keep yourself clean and […]

161/365: 5-Question Friday

TGIF!! Started off my weekend by going with my coworker to see Bridesmaids after work. Hilarious!! Loved it. Tomorrow? Glee concert! Can’t wait!! And now… on with 5-Question Friday… brought to you by Friday5.org 1. What goes into your coffee or tea? Hah! Way too much sugar, that’s for sure! I rarely drink regular coffee, […]