Review: Tsarina by J. Nelle Patrick


A Fabergé egg, enchanted by magic with the task to protect the Romanov family, ensuring their power in Russia. Natalya Kutepova, in love with Alexei Romanov, learns of the egg’s power just as the Reds are set to attack St. Petersburg. In the chaos, Natalya and her friend Emilia run for their lives as they […]

Review: The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick


Pat Peoples has just been released from a mental health facility, back to the care of his parents. He is consumed with working out and reading through a high school syllabus of books in a vain attempt to get back his wife Nikki, who has divorced him. Through friends, he meets Tiffany, a woman who […]

Recap: Matthew Quick & The Good Luck of Right Now


It’s true, I’ve been meaning to watch Silver Linings Playbook for the longest time – but my track record for keeping up with movies AND with reading all the books I want to read is not very good. So when Christa (More Than Just Magic) mentioned that she was reading The Good Luck of Right […]

Review: Hidden Girl by Shyima Hall with Lisa Wysocky


Shyima grew up in Egypt as the middle child of eleven children, enjoying her meager life with her siblings before one day, when she was 8 years old, her parents sold her to a wealthy family. From that point on, Shyima’s childhood became one of slavery that would last for many years, taking her from […]

Brunch Book Club: February Wrap-Up!


Last Sunday, Brunch Book Club (this month consisting of myself, Jenn, Christa, Wendy, Rhiannon & baby Sybil, and first time BBC-er Leora!) While finding this month’s location for brunch, Jenn and I said how much we love the bigger groups now (and it’s not just the two of us) but it certainly makes for more […]

Recap: Cress Book Tour with Marissa Meyer


Last Monday, Indigo Yorkdale welcomed back Marissa Meyer to Toronto promoting the release of the third book in her Lunar Chronicles series, Cress. It was almost exactly a year ago that the charming author was in town to promote Scarlet – how quickly a year flies by. While last year’s crowd was predictably big, especially […]

Harry Potter (re)read: Book 2


February definitely got away from me quickly! I left starting Chamber of Secrets to the second last day of the month… definitely won’t be able to do that for the subsequent books that get longer! Here’s a bunch of my thoughts while re-reading this second book, and some other fun things I’ve thrown in for […]

Review: Pirate Cinema by Cory Doctorow


Trent is obsessed with splicing together movies of his favourite actor Scot Colford and creating new mash-up videos. This hobby of illegally downloading movies gets Trent’s household cut off from the internet. Full of shame and guilt, he runs away to London and befriends a group of squatters and activists set on changing the increasingly […]

Mini Reviews: Graphic Novels (Feb 2014 edition)


Only two this month for my graphic novels mini reviews, one of which was actually out in January. Both, though, take on different cultures and themes, which I actually hadn’t realized until I was writing this post. With Dr. 2 set partially in Shanghai, and Ms. Marvel’s protagonist as a Pakistani-American girl. Dr. 2 | […]

Review: One More Thing: Stories and Other Stories by B.J. Novak


Best known for his role as Ryan on NBC’s The Office, B.J. Novak pens his first novel of short stories. The stories vary greatly in voice, subject, tone and length, some featuring cameos by familiar names such as Tony Robbins, Confucius, and Nelson Mandela. I am not generally one for short stories but Novak has […]

Top 10 Tuesday 96

meme hosted by The Broke & the Bookish

It’s been a while since I last did a Top 10 Tuesday, but given my state of mind lately about both the blogging world and my own blogging in general, I thought this would be an appropriate week to find some time and reflect upon what I do enjoy about it all. Top Ten Reasons […]

Brunch Book Club: January Wrap-Up!


Not since our brunch last March to discuss John Green’s An Abundance of Katherines have we had this many people join Jenn (Lost in a Great Book) & I for brunch, and had so much to say about that month’s read! We originally wanted to check out another brunch spot, but given the large crowd, […]

Recap: An Evening with Wake’s Anna Hope


I not only had the pleasure of being part of the blog tour for Anna Hope’s debut novel Wake, I also had the opportunity to attend an evening at the Random House office to meet the lovely UK author. There were some light refreshments and we all had a chance to chat and mingle before […]

Blog Tour Review: Wake by Anna Hope


In the days leading up to the 2nd anniversary of Armistice Day in London, three women leading three separate lives go about their days while the horrific memories of the war are still very fresh. Hettie, a young dance instructor at the Palais becomes enamoured with a charming, yet distant, man she meets while out […]


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