Top 10 Tuesday 100

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My 100th Top 10 Tuesday! I love this week’s topic, though I think I’m going to have a hard time coming up with 10 things… so I’ve split it up in 6 likes, 4 dislikes… which I find that YA novels tend to fall into my dislikes quite a lot! Ten Book Cover Trends (or just […]

Mini Reviews: Graphic Novels (June 2014 edition)


It’s been a while since I’ve had a chance to do more graphic novel mini reviews but I flew through a bunch of them recently, so here’s the run-down. All of these are actually not new releases, with the newest one from February 2014. The Heart of the Beast | Gotham Central: Book One | […]

Top 10 Tuesday 99

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I love these “TBR list” topics, but looking back on my previous season’s lists, I don’t actually get around to the ones I’ve listed as wanting to read!  I’ve included an assorted mix in this week’s top 10. Some are new/upcoming releases, some are ones I need to finally get to, some were from my […]

Review: Bird Box by Josh Malerman


What started as a bizarre news story in far away Russia starts hitting close to home. Something that people are seeing is making them lose their minds and wanting to take their own life. Malorie is among a handful of survivors that constantly live in fear, any venture outside must be done in darkness. With her […]

Recap: A Blindfolded Reading with Bird Box’s Josh Malerman


One gorgeous (and windy) evening a few weeks ago, a large group of Harper Collins Canada Facebook fans gathered at the publisher’s offices in Toronto to meet Josh Malerman, author of Bird Box. The novel takes place in a world where everyone is blindfolded to survive. Something that people see has been causing them to go […]

Top 10 Tuesday 98

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I swear I’m going to try and get back into the habit of Top 10 Tuesday! I’ve missed out on some great topics in the past few months. I’m definitely looking forward to seeing what books everyone else has in this week’s Top 10 Tuesday (and preparing myself to add a ton more books to […]

Harry Potter (re)read: Book 5


Well, this past month I have fallen behind on my Harry Potter re-read. With an upcoming wedding approaching, I haven’t had as much time to dive into as many books – especially this long 766-page, heavy, wrist-breaking of a paperweight hardcover as is The Order of the Phoenix. Definitely makes it tough to carry around […]

Brunch Book Club: May Wrap-Up!


Well, due to lack of time in both of our schedules lately, Jenn (Lost In a Great Book) and I had to do a rush dinner version of Brunch Book Club this month. We both always finish the books before scheduling our chats (excluding last month!) but since we had to do this before the […]

Review: We Were Liars by E. Lockhart


Cady is part of the wealthy Sinclair family, a legacy started from her grandparents and passed down to their three daughters and their children. Every summer, the families converge onto their private island where each family has their own home. Cady, with her two cousins and a family friend become summer pals on the island. Each […]

Review: Splintered by A.G. Howard


When Alyssa starts hearing bugs and plants talk to her, she’s upset that she’s becoming just as mentally ill as her committed mother. Her great-great-great-grandmother was the Alice that inspired Lewis Carroll’s famous novel about Wonderland and, with that connection, the family seemingly has a curse on them dating that far back. Alyssa is determined […]

“Ooh, just wait for that ending!!” & Why I Hate Non-Spoiler Spoilers


I hate spoilers. Absolutely hate them. My former roommate and I would laugh because she, of the scientist mind, always wanted to flip to the end of a book first to see how it ends, and then go back to see how it gets to that point. Me, I like the journey. I want to […]

Review: Veronica Mars – The Thousand Dollar Tan Line by Rob Thomas & Jennifer Graham


Picking up where the Kickstarter-funded movie left off, our favourite snarky heroine is in Neptune doing what she does best: investigating. When two girls go missing from the same week-long house party, Veronica is hired to find them. As the case unfolds, she finds herself faced with some unsavory characters with criminal ties that has […]

Recap: Toronto Comics Arts Festival 2014


With the past 2 years of attending the Toronto Comic Arts Festival with Christa (More Than Just Magic), this year my TCAF partner in crime was on vacation during the May weekend of the free event. That being said, Ardo and I had a fantastic time surrounded by so many graphic novels and so much […]

Recap: Fangirling with Rainbow Rowell & Elaine Lui


What seemed like it would be a low-key appearance, the evening of conversation with Eleanor & Park‘s Rainbow Rowell and Elaine Lui (from LaineyGossip) ended up with a packed house of over 200 people in the upstairs room of the Northern District Branch of the Toronto Public Library. It was only after a few bloggers […]