Reactions: Under the Dome – 1.2 The Fire


With last week’s recap/reactions post for the pilot episode of Under the Dome, I introduced you all to “Hottie Bad Boy” (HBB) and “Human Edward Cullen” (HEC). Thanks to those of you who enjoyed it so much and hoped that I would be continuing these reaction recap posts for the series, you’re in luck – […]

Reactions: Under the Dome – 1.1 Pilot


There have been so many shows since the finale of Lost that have tried to recapture that same feel, and none have come close for me until watching the pilot episode of Under the Dome on Monday night. Based on the novel by master of horror Stephen King, Under the Dome is about a small […]

Swoon-Worthy Sundays: James Marsden in Anchorman 2


Not only has the original movie become a modern classic, the anticipating for this long-awaited sequel to 2004′s Anchorman is finally approaching! The official trailer was released this week and I absolutely did a double-take (and then triple-take) at the 1:03 mark. Okay. As I’ve mentioned before – and everyone who knows me knows I’m […]

Swoon-Worthy Sundays/Recap/Review: 98 Degrees & The Package Tour


This is going to be a hybrid post of Swoon-Worthy Sundays/review/recap of The Package Tour concert! Back when the concert tour was first announced I had featured The Package Tour on Swoon-Worthy Sundays back in February. I’ve also posted about boyband nostalgia as a SwS feature as well. So of course I need to share […]

Swoon-Worthy Sundays: The Fashion in The Great Gatsby


Having watched Baz Luhrmann’s The Great Gatsby this past week, I was completely enamored by the clothing from that time period. Certainly, the 1920′s fashion has been a star in itself as part of the promotion of this movie, with branded window displays in stores like Holt Renfrew and Brooks Brothers. Holts even has an entire section […]

Swoon-Worthy Sundays: Just Give Me a Reason by Pink & Nate Ruess


Ah, my first Swoon-Worthy Sundays after Paris Month. After a whole month of Paris-related swoony items, I’m so excited to finally feature this. I have been obsessed with both the song and the video for the past couple of weeks. I first heard Pink’s Just Give Me a Reason on the radio and the melody […]

Swoon-Worthy Sundays (x2): Taylor Swift & Janelle McCulloch’s Paris


For this final week of Paris Month, my Swoon-Worthy Sundays post is a double feature. While there are just so many things abut Paris that certainly makes me swoon I couldn’t let this whole month of Paris go by without sharing both of these. This first swoon-worthy item is Taylor Swift’s Begin Again video. Prior […]

Swoon-Worthy Sundays: Paul Rudd

Courtesy of David Lee/Focus Features

Paul Rudd perhaps became a household name when he starred in Clueless, opposite Alicia Silverstone, but it wasn’t until his guest stint on Friends in 2004 as Phoebe’s bf-turned-husband Mike Hannigan that I first noticed him. He was the perfect blend of sweet, sincere & funny guy to balance out Phoebe’s crazy zaniness and the two […]

Swoon-Worthy Sundays: Veronica Mars – the movie


This week’s Swoon-Worthy Sundays should be renamed to be AWE-worthy Sunday. If you were online at all this past Wednesday, you would have seen the amazing insanity that was the Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter Project. For those who aren’t familiar with what Kickstarter is, it’s basically a place where people can put their projects up […]

Swoon-Worthy Sundays: Justin Timberlake on SNL


Oh JT… always a good time when you’re on SNL. Justin Timberlake became a five-timer host last night on Saturday Night Live and they certainly pulled out all the stops for his opening monologue. Being welcomed into the “Five-Timers Club” by Steve Martin, with cameos from Dan Akroyd (“only a bartender. he’s only hosted once.”), […]

The Fine Line that Glee Walks For Me…


What I loved most about this show when it started in 2009 was that it poked fun at itself. On the heels of the High School Musical phenom, I had equated it to something like that – only Glee didn’t take themselves too seriously. The self deprecating humour was a fresh take on the relatively untapped genre. […]

The 85th Academy Awards


As I usually do, I’ve taken my nominees selection post from January and, while watching the Oscars, have seen how I fared with my picks of who I wanted to win vs who I thought would win. I missed the beginning of the show though, as I was just getting home from being out of […]

Swoon-Worthy Sundays: New Girl’s Nick & Jess

Picture courtesy of

SPOILER ALERT warning for this week’s Swoon-Worthy Sundays. Don’t keep reading if you are not caught up with the episodes of New Girl! My good friend over at Rosé & Pamplemousse was always rooting for Jess & Nick to get together, and I was always pretty skeptical about it. I felt it would be like […]

TIFF welcomes Books on Film series!


Presented in association with Random House of Canada, TIFF launches its third season of the Books on Film subscription series at the TIFF Bell Lightbox on Monday, February 11th 2013. This is a great series for those who love amazing cinema and the brilliant books that inspired it. Eleanor Wachtel from CBC’s Writers and Company […]


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