Reactions: Under the Dome – 1.10 Let the Games Begin

Once again, welcome to my weekly spoilery nicknamey snarky recap of Under the Dome. Apparently this first season is only 13 episodes, so we’ve only got 3 more weird episodes after this week. It’s getting too complicated and bizarre to follow each week.. I think these reactions posts will only be for the first season. […]

Reactions: Under the Dome – 1.9 The Fourth Hand

Welcome to this week’s very-spoilery, usually-nickname-filled, sometimes snarky recap of Under the Dome! Can you believe we’re already 9 eps in? And the weirdness keeps getting weirder! When last we left off, Brilliant Brother shows Douchey Journalist Julia the mini dome with an egg. Big Jim rallies a crowd to take down Redneck Farmer for […]

Reactions: Under the Dome – 1.8 Thicker than Water

8 episodes in already and things are getting more and more bizarre! Welcome to my always-spoilery, sometimes-snarky, very-nicknamed recap post of this week’s Under the Dome. So let’s see what our favourite townsfolk in Chester’s Mill are up to this week… Big Jim awakes with a start to the sound of someone sneaking into the […]

Swoon-Worthy Sundays/Recap/Review: Backstreet Boys concert

Thank goodness for my friend Katie who saw a (surprising) Groupon offer for BSB lawn tickets for $20. A whole slew of us, including Andrea (Cozy Up With a Good Read), Lindsey from Random House and Shannon from Harper Collins got in on that right away before the offer sold out (which it apparently did […]

Reactions: Under the Dome – 1.7 Imperfect Circles

Welcome to my SPOILERY, nickname-filled recap/reactions post of the 7th episode of Under the Dome! There was so much “essence de Lost” this week that it was hard to not keep comparing it. I missed the first 3 minutes of the episode so this is where I pick it up…… Okay, so now there’s suddenly […]

Reactions: Under the Dome – 1.6 The Endless Thirst

Ah, welcome back to my weekly installment of spoilery nicknamed recaps and reactions for Under the Dome. After the bomb explodes into the dome, everyone inside is shielded but everything on the outside has been completely decimated. Well. Gap-toothed Redneck seems to be the latest guy to step forward and goes rogue. Placing bets on […]

Reactions: Under the Dome – 1.5 Blue on Blue

As usual, a big ol’ SPOILER WARNING applies to this recap/reactions post. Brilliant Brother has surmised that he and Moody Teen are like human receivers and give feedback when the two of them are too close together. He heads out to one wall of the dome and sees Monarch butterflies gathered in massive clusters all […]

65th Primetime Emmy Award Nominations

As I’ve done in previous years, when the nominees come out for various award shows I’ll share the nominees list and make my picks on who I want to win and who I think will win. I used to do the full list, but last year I started only including the main ones or the […]

Reactions: Under the Dome – 1.4 Outbreak

Alright, so where did we leave off.. CBB (Cool Bad Boy) is about to be found out by DJJ (Douchey Journalist Julia) because he was stupidly careless leaving his map on his bed. #ReverendIdiot has miraculously healed from almost being burned alive and is now feeling the wrath of Big Jim. And HEC (#HumanEdwardCullen) is […]

Good night, Finn Hudson.

I woke up this morning to such sad news. My friend Lisa had texted me “Did you see that Finn died? Isn’t that crazy?” and it took me a moment before realizing what those words were actually saying. I immediately searched for news stories and it was everywhere. Cory Monteith was dead at 31, found […]

Reactions: Under the Dome – 1.3 Manhunt

A day late in posting this week’s reactions/recap post.. it seems Toronto might have been stuck in a dome on Monday when we had a crazy rainstorm (the most rain in one day on record) that caused flooding and power outages. So, finally got caught up with TV now that the power’s back on. Like […]

Swoon-Worthy Sundays/Recap/Review: Bruno Mars & The Moonshine Jungle Tour

I know I’ve already previously featured Bruno Mars in a Swoon-Worthy Sundays in October last year but having just attended his concert on Wednesday night, I’d have to say it deserves another post! I actually hadn’t even realized the tickets went on sale back in March, so it was only mid-May that I realized he […]

Reactions: Under the Dome – 1.2 The Fire

With last week’s recap/reactions post for the pilot episode of Under the Dome, I introduced you all to “Hottie Bad Boy” (HBB) and “Human Edward Cullen” (HEC). Thanks to those of you who enjoyed it so much and hoped that I would be continuing these reaction recap posts for the series, you’re in luck – […]

Reactions: Under the Dome – 1.1 Pilot

There have been so many shows since the finale of Lost that have tried to recapture that same feel, and none have come close for me until watching the pilot episode of Under the Dome on Monday night. Based on the novel by master of horror Stephen King, Under the Dome is about a small […]


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