Union Station Flooding = Photoshop Fun

On Friday, the first day of June brought the first major rainfall we’ve had in a while in the Toronto area. By late morning, tweets came flooding (hah.) in that the main transit hub of Union Station was quickly filling with water (sewage water, at that!) Among the tweets, twitpics and videos of people who were […]

“Exclusive clip” from The Hunger Games

A friend of mine is part of Second City in Toronto, and they put together this hilarious “exclusive clip” from The Hunger Games movie. (He plays “Gale”) Girl playing Katniss looks a lot like her too! Too funny… and it seems it might be picking up viral status (I mean, it’s already been GIFed on […]

68/365: If Social Media Were a High School…

Today is just a “re-blog” of a link I came across (from @flowtown).. thought it was funny and therefore I’m sharing it with you today. (Plus it’s wet-snow-blizzarding out and I’m uninspired to write a full out blog) If the picture’s too small, just click on it to see a larger version on the site. […]

62/365: Lost in Translation

It’s funny how different languages don’t translate as clean & concisely as one might think. For example, using Google translate (or any other kind of online translator), it often doesn’t give the context of the word and would literally translate word for word what it would be. My friend told me about WordReference.com which is […]

50/365: SNL vs MADtv

Sitting on the couch with a massive headache on a Saturday afternoon and watching, basically, nothing on TV when I come across MAD TV. Back in the day, I used to like this show but I found that as the years have gone by, this show’s become more and more reliant on jokes to do […]

39/365: My TV boyfriend

I was completely at a loss for what to write about today until I saw Entertainment Weekly’s post with a fun poll on Which TV character would you date in real life? Where to even begin… Do I go for the real good boyfriend-material guy? Or just go for the uber-hotness factor?

35/365: Google Game

I saw stickinsect’s post about his “Google Game” the other day which reminded me of the funny Google search result I stumbled upon a while ago… Basically you just go open Google and start typing a lead-in to a question like “How come…” or “What does…” and see what the suggestions offer up! I don’t […]

24/365: Forever young

Today’s post was inspired by this funny picture that my friend posted on her Facebook. (LOL I can’t wait to look like that cute little woman at 120 years old!) Being an Asian woman who’s almost 30 years old, I still constantly get mistaken for a teenager. Sure, people tell me that it’s a blessing […]