Blogging the World of Harry Potter

My collection of Harry Potter books | Photo Credit: Michele // Just a Lil Lost

How different would the release of Harry Potter have been if it came out today rather than in 1997? Computers in every home were not common when we were first introduced to the world that J.K. Rowling had so intricately & lovingly created, let alone book blogging. Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s Stone (or Sorcerer’s Stone) was […]

254/365: The Day the Earth Stood Still

People speak of how they remember the exact moment they found out about JFK getting shot. People remember the moment they found out about Princess Diana’s death. Everyone will have a September 11, 2011 story… and I’d like to share mine today in memory of the horrible events that happened an astonishing 10 years ago. […]

234/365: RIP Mr Layton

Regardless of one’s political views, many in Canada would agree that Jack Layton was a charismatic, hard-working and caring man, always working with the people to bring about better change. At the age of 61, and after years of battling cancer, Mr. Layton succumbed to his illness this morning. He was the leader of the […]

185/365: Beware (of) cyclists

I have quite a few friends who ride their bikes in the city, and I have heard many horror stories from them of cabbies opening their doors right into them, or being forced to swerve onto the streetcar tracks, hitting it the wrong way and go sailing off their bike. I trust my friends are […]

118/365: The mantra for my 30s

The day before my birthday, a friend of mine sent me a link to the blog – the specific post being entitled The Complete Guide to Not Giving a F*ck. Brilliantly written, I thought that it would be a good mantra to live by going into my 30’s.

Reprise of the Tiger Mother


My previous post regarding Battle Hymn of the Tiger Mother was more based on the backlash the author, Amy Chua, had been receiving for writing it than the book itself. However, now that I have actually finished reading the book, I’d like to comment further on it. Prior to reading Battle Hymn, I sided with […]

71/365: The Decline of Work Ethics

Obviously I have specific examples that I’m thinking of when I decided to write this blog post today, but I’m going to speak more on a general sense so as not to potentially offend anyone. I remember when I got my first summer job in an office, I was probably in my late teens. It […]

65/365: Tradition, schmadition.

I was inspired by today’s post from a conversation with my sister yesterday. She’s getting married next year and, with similar “get organized & plan ahead” characteristics as me – her maid of honour, she’s been planning her wedding since they got engaged last year. Before she got engaged, I would tease her that she […]

Protected: 45/365: The story of how we met…

There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.

44/365: Embrace it.

Today’s topic is brought to you by The Daily Post: What would you tell yourself 10 years ago? There was a similar hashtag Twitter meme going around with this a few months ago, of what you’d tell your younger self. I loved the idea of that. It let me reflect on what I was like […]

37/365: The evolution of blogging sites

I was inspired for today’s topic by a post yesterday by my friend Ang. She was griping about the state of Kiwibox, a site that many of us used to frequent and where we, and a handful of others, met and became great friends. After years of not having been on the site anymore, it […]

26/365: Tiger Mother

I’ve been hearing a lot lately about this “Tiger Mother” Amy Chua, who wrote a book, entitled Battle Hymn Of The Tiger Mother. I have yet to read the book, but I definitely will check it out. This commentary is based solely on what I’ve read & heard about this apparent controversy. For those that […]

16/365: Overflowing closets

Today’s blog was inspired by this post I saw on Jezebel: Can You Wear Six Items Or Less? The article poses an interesting idea. If you had to pick just six items of clothing to wear (not including work uniforms, undergarments, etc.) for a month, could you do it? It forces you to think about […]

14/365: Homeowning

Owning a home is quite the “grown up” endeavour. Less than 4 months away from turning 30, I still feel that all my friends and I are still “young”. It blows my mind when I hear of friends getting married, having kids, owning a home… and yet, it really shouldn’t be that much of a […]