Review: The Shadow Queen by Sandra Gulland


Claudette grew up in a theatrical family, her parents formerly players in a Parisian troupe. The world they live in is one very divisive between the nobility & religion vs actors & theatre. Through some chance encounters spanning many years, Claudette meets Athénaïs, a girl from a noble family who affects her life more than […]

Review: Half Bad by Sally Green


As the illegitimate son of the most feared & violent witch in modern-day England, Nathan is neither a full White witch nor a full Black witch. He’s held captive in a cage and trained to kill in a world where the two sides are living, and fighting, among unsuspecting humans. In a race against time, […]

Review: The Silver Linings Playbook by Matthew Quick


Pat Peoples has just been released from a mental health facility, back to the care of his parents. He is consumed with working out and reading through a high school syllabus of books in a vain attempt to get back his wife Nikki, who has divorced him. Through friends, he meets Tiffany, a woman who […]

Mini Reviews: Graphic Novels (Feb 2014 edition)


Only two this month for my graphic novels mini reviews, one of which was actually out in January. Both, though, take on different cultures and themes, which I actually hadn’t realized until I was writing this post. With Dr. 2 set partially in Shanghai, and Ms. Marvel’s protagonist as a Pakistani-American girl. Dr. 2 | […]

Mini Reviews: Graphic Novels (belated 2013 edition)


I meant to post the mini reviews of these graphic novels earlier since I read them in 2013 but the month of December just zipped by and I never got a chance to post it… hence this belated 2013 edition of Mini Reviews with releases from October, November and December. The Cage | Hawkeye, Volume […]

How Frozen Melted My Cold Heart


I generally stay away from spoilers in my reviews but I found that I couldn’t write about my love for Disney’s Frozen without talking about specific points – so here is your SPOILER WARNING. In all honesty, I hadn’t known much about this animated film except that Idina Menzel and Kristen Bell were in it. […]

Movie Review: Philomena


Martin Sixsmith, a journalist who has recently lost his job as a government adviser, is looking for his next project. He is reluctant to write a human interest piece but reluctantly agrees to meet Philomena Lee, a woman in her 60s who had given birth to a son 50 years ago but had him taken […]

Mini Reviews: Graphic Novels (Nov 2013 edition)


At times, I’ve previously done some “minis” – shorter reviews of a similar category or theme (ie. YA e-novellas, Paris e-novellas) so today I’ve got a compilation of some graphic novels that I read over the last couple months that are now out! Tune: Still Life | The Cute Girl Network Tune: Still Life by […]

Review: Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell


It’s the 1980′s and Park is on the school bus when Eleanor, the social outcast, gets on and tries to find a seat. He doesn’t know why but he moves his stuff over so that she can sit with him. He’s managed to relatively fly under the radar from any particular clique or group and […]

Review: Vicious by V.E. Schwab


Victor and Eli were college roommates, determined to find a correlation between near death experiences and superhero-like powers. When an experiment during their research goes awry, it sets the stage for a confrontation that’s 10 years in the making. When Victor, a decade older, breaks out of prison in search of his former friend he […]

Blog Tour Review: Creeps by Darren Hynes


Wayne Pumphrey is small and scrawny which makes him an easy target for Pete “the Meat” and his band of bullies. Wayne is a quiet child who would rather just stay silent and bear the constant bullying rather than stand up for himself. The letters that he writes in his journal, of which he will […]

Review: Just What Kind of Mother Are You? by Paula Daly


Lisa Kallisto is an overworked mother of 3, with a husband who often works nights as a cab driver. In a horrifying moment of not paying attention, Lisa realizes that her best friend’s daughter goes missing under her watch. Wracked with guilt and suffering the critical judgement from others around the community, Lisa attempts to […]

Review + Giveaway: Belle Epoque by Elizabeth Ross


I had featured Belle Epoque in a Top 10 Tuesday when the author, Elizabeth Ross, got in touch about it. What great timing, because I was just planning Paris Month at the time and thus came a whole slew of ideas and opportunities. This week will highlight a bit of this fabulous book from the […]

Review: Adventures of Superhero Girl by Faith Erin Hicks


Superhero Girl can leap tall buildings (up to eleven storeys) while saving kittens and helping the elderly. Without the mask and cape, she’s an ordinary Canadian girl who lives in the shadow of her superior superhero brother and tries to deal with an annoying nemesis all the while managing day-to-day life of having to do […]


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