99/365: Finally a gorgeous day!

Though I’ve posted more than 100 posts already, this is my 99th one of the 2011 Post a Day Challenge! I’ll make it fairly quick.. just doing a lot of unpacking and getting settled in… I’d say we’re 80% there! Taking a little break, enjoying the long-awaited sunshine with my Kobo e-reader and a glass […]

93/365: Finally done moving!

After a long day yesterday of moving, we’re finally in our new place! A long time coming… Square footage-wise, it’s slightly smaller than our old place, and we went from a 2-bedroom condo to a 1-bedroom, but the rooms are a little bigger. Nonetheless, it’s overwhelming to try and organize everything with the loss of […]

86/365: Earth Hour

Did you participate in yesterday’s Earth Hour? Started in Sydney, Australia in 2007, this annual global event urges everyone to turn off their lights for one hour to make a statement against climate change. Our former condo always had a “Lights Out” happy hour gathering in the party room, and this year was no different […]

85/365: A marathon of the last few days

What better way for my condo saga (parts 1 & 2) to culminate to a near-end than to have a crazy marathon of the last few days. THURSDAY: We left work a bit early to make our appointment at 4:30 to meet our real estate lawyer to sign all the papers to take occupancy of […]

84/365: Finally!

This will be a quick post today as it’s been a really busy few days since we FINALLY got the keys to our condo!!!! There’s still some work that needs to be done on it, stuff we noticed during our inspection (like the heat not working, part of the lock isn’t fully installed, etc) Otherwise […]

61/365: The Condo Saga… part 2

I honestly didn’t think I’ve had another entry into The Condo Saga so soon after my previous post on Sunday. With the aforementioned delay to our condo, from February 4th to March 17th, this is what we were planning on. I read somewhere in the agreement that they’re only allowed to delay it ONCE after […]

58/365: The Condo Saga… so far.

They say that having to moving is one of the most stressful things to go through, let alone having to move twice. Everything about our condo & the move that could have been delayed was. Murphy’s Law, right? (Delay #1): Even starting from actually getting the keys to our condo to begin with. We were supposed […]

29/365: Headaches galore

Today’s post is going to be quick… I’ve had massive headaches from all different sources within the past 24 hours. Headache because of my neck pain Headache because of my sinus congestion and the most frustrating one, Headache because of our condo being delayed again. Long story short, we were to get the keys next […]