AYKM: Offering a Seat on the Bus

I am now unofficially titling these types of posts “AYKM” (aka Are You Kidding Me!?) for how ridiculous the situations are that you have nothing else to say but that. For those that have been reading my blog for a while, you’ll know that I seem to have my fair share of crazy encounters on […]

129/365: Gas Station Crazies

I personally have a strange paranoia about the gas station. Apparently the signal from your cell phone won’t ignite the gasoline (as tested on Mythbusters), though I still am wary about using it while in the area. I’ve even noticed “no cell phone” signs next to the “no smoking” and “no keys in ignition” warning […]

Oh the crazies you will see… on the TTC…

For the last few months, the TTC has been under such scrutiny (some warranted, some not) that it got me thinking… I actually don’t have much of a beef for the most part on our public transit system. I have more issues with the CRAZIES that seem to always surround me when I’m on the […]

TTC Crazies Just Keep On Comin’

This really doesn’t require much of an intro… the arsonist could’ve just left his driver’s license to make it THAT much easier to catch him. I love how he just nonchalantly looks around and walks off the bus. TTC Bus Set on Fire

Always with the crazies!

All I wanted was to take a nice evening walk around the neighbourhood with my boyfriend, stop in the 24-hour grocery store for some snacks and go back and watch some TV. I seem to be a magnet for crazy people around here… always have encounters on the TTC with them, and now, at 9:30pm […]