Brunch Book Club: November Wrap-Up!

With how busy the upcoming holidays can be, Jenn (Lost in a Great Book) and I found a half hour to grab a quick bite to eat and chat about our November read before heading off to a couple of Harper Collins events. We stopped into a delicious (and fast) restaurant in Toronto’s Chinatown and, […]

Review: The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

Meaghan is about to turn 16 and she’s convinced her busy mother and inattentive step father won’t even remember. But when she spots strange-looking creatures starting to appear and her younger half brother disappears and is replaced with a horrible facsimile she finds herself thrown into a world where faeries and goblins exist. Along with […]

The Iron Knight… begrudgingly revisited

It’s not often that I change my mind about a book and not that often I look into these newly emerging book trailers, but after seeing the newly released book trailer for Julie Kagawa’s The Iron Knight I am actually contemplating giving it a second chance. I originally got the ARC for it on Netgalley and […]

The Iron Knight by Julie Kagawa

Maybe I’m not in the right mood, or I’ve outgrown some YA books, but I just couldn’t get into The Iron Knight. I got it off Netgalley and was really intrigued by the story, even though I hadn’t read the previous ones. Maybe it’s the formatting of it on my kobo (where the text is […]


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