Swoon-Worthy Sundays: Paul Rudd

Paul Rudd perhaps became a household name when he starred in Clueless, opposite Alicia Silverstone, but it wasn’t until his guest stint on Friends in 2004 as Phoebe’s bf-turned-husband Mike Hannigan that I first noticed him. He was the perfect blend of sweet, sincere & funny guy to balance out Phoebe’s crazy zaniness and the two […]

Swoon-Worthy Sundays: Veronica Mars – the movie

This week’s Swoon-Worthy Sundays should be renamed to be AWE-worthy Sunday. If you were online at all this past Wednesday, you would have seen the amazing insanity that was the Veronica Mars Movie Kickstarter Project. For those who aren’t familiar with what Kickstarter is, it’s basically a place where people can put their projects up […]

197/365: Mischief Managed.

After watching Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 twice in the last 48 hours, I can honestly say this is just about the perfect ending to an immense franchise and story. Over a decade has passed from the first book to the last movie. Okay, yes, I am a crazy Potter fan (though I […]


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