The 71st Golden Globe Nominees

I do these every year with the big awards shows and completely forgot to make my picks this year until I saw the commercials with Tina & Amy for this Sunday’s broadcast of the Golden Globes! Better late than never… and I definitely want to make my picks prior to the show (obviously). UNDERLINE = WANT […]

65th Primetime Emmy Award Nominations

As I’ve done in previous years, when the nominees come out for various award shows I’ll share the nominees list and make my picks on who I want to win and who I think will win. I used to do the full list, but last year I started only including the main ones or the […]

The 85th Academy Award Nominees

How handy! The Oscars website has a section where you can lock in your predictions of who’s going to win! Let’s hope the site & mobile app can hold up to all the traffic it’ll get the night of the awards on February 24th. Years past, I’m pretty sure there were a lot of frustrated […]

The 70th Golden Globe Award Nominations

Wow, I don’t know where my head’s been lately. I always post my picks for the award show nominations and it wasn’t until I saw Jenn’s post over on Writer’s Block did it remind me I hadn’t done mine yet!! UNDERLINE = who I WANT to win | ITALICS = who I THINK will win Okay, so I […]

64th Primetime Emmy Award Nominations

As I do every year when the nominations are announced for awards shows, I share with you the nominees and my picks. This morning, the Emmy nominations were announced and since this awards show is one of my favourites (mostly because I watch a lot more TV than I do movies!), I’d love to share […]

The 84th Academy Awards Oscar Winners

As I usually do on the blog, I previously posted the nominees & my picks – and now the day after the awards, I’ll do a recap to see how well (or poorly) I did! How did you fare? I always love the opening montage of movies.. segue from The Help to Bridesmaids was hilarious. […]

The 84th Academy Awards Nominees

The announcement yesterday morning of the nominations for the 84th Academy Awards yesterday were apparently met with some “controversy” along with the excitement. I heard about the outrage that Ryan Gosling was snubbed, and the shock that Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close would be nominated for Best Picture, when it didn’t do so well with critics […]


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