Weekly Photo Challenge: Beginning

I used to do the Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge diligently and then completely slacked off with it in 2013. New year and I’m going to strive to keep up with this every week! The first theme for 2014 is appropriately Beginning. While this photo I took in the summer of 2013, I thought it […]

Recap: Sea/Land by Patrick J. Adams

Not only is he a talented actor on the hit show Suits, Toronto native Patrick J. Adams is quite the photographer. For those that follow his Instagram feed, you’ll have seen small snapshots of his keen eye for a great shot. Sea/Land is his debut photography exhibit and features 18 photographs of Haida Gwaii, an […]

Weekly Photo Challenge – Infinite

I actually haven’t done a Weekly Photo Challenge since March! I seemingly fell off the routine of doing them each week until I was speaking to Jenn (Lost in a Great Book) about it recently and decided to get back into it. So this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge theme is: Infinite.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Lunchtime

I decided to do last week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge theme of Lunchtime today after coming home from a delicious lunch by myself. I don’t often go out and eat alone, and sadly don’t always venture out and explore new restaurants in my city. However, I’ve been craving ramen lately and asked on Twitter […]

Weekly Photo Challenge: My Neighbourhood

I haven’t done one of these in a while and Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge this week is the first “Phoneography Challenge” where  we must use our phones to capture the week’s theme. And this week’s theme is: My Neighbourhood. I picked various photos I took over the last few months from around my neighbourhood […]

Swoon-Worthy Sundays: The Real Fauxtographer

While last week I had featured a photographic trip down memory lane of my 2012 journeys, this week is also another swoon-worthy feature on photos… or should I say fauxtos. Margot Wood is the creative mind behind The Real Fauxtographer in which she is probably most well known for her series of fauxtos inspired by […]

Weekly Photo Challenge – Resolved

This week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge theme is: Resolved. A great one to start off the new year with! As I mentioned in yesterday’s post, my resolution this year was going to cook more… so voila! These are the pots I’ve already made good use of and plan to make even more good use […]

Swoon-Worthy Sundays: A Year of Travels

On this last SwS of 2012, I thought I’d take a look back and swoon over the beautiful cities that I traveled to this past year. I have had the very fortunate opportunity to do the most travelling that I’ve ever done in any given year, both to new & familiar locations – while bringing […]

Weekly Photo Challenge – Changing Seasons

This week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge theme is: Changing Seasons. I was surprised that I didn’t have many photos of the gorgeous leaves changing colour in the fall… but instead I found this nice one I took at our hotel while I was in Orlando a couple weeks ago. I liked the composition of […]

Weekly Photo Challenge – Reflections

This week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge theme is: Reflections. I decided to pick two photos I took this past week while I was in Orlando.. both of Cinderella’s castle. There were so many great photo-ops of this beautiful building that I wanted to showcase a daytime and nighttime view for this week’s theme.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Green

This week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge theme is: Green. This photo I took recently on my trip to L.A. of the Hollywood sign, surrounded by all forms of greenery (and dried-up-green-turned-brown!) Another L.A. pic of all the green palm trees towering above the city. I love that everywhere you look, they’re there! This shot […]

Weekly Photo Challenge – Foreign Geometry

I’ve skipped a few weeks of Daily Post’s Weekly Photo Challenge, so today I thought I’d catch up and do last few week’s themes which were: Foreign & Geometry, together. These two photos cover both those themes quite well since The Louvre’s famous pyramid and inverted pyramid are both geometric shapes, and located in a foreign country.

Weekly Photo Challenge – Silhouette

This week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge theme is: Silhouette. I love taking photos of objects in silhouette. To me, it focuses the eye on the shape and composition of the photo rather than any colours or patterns that might make the actual subject too busy. This first one I took at The Grove in […]

Weekly Photo Challenge – Mine

This week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge theme is: Mine. I’ve  used this photo before in the past, but it perfect encapsulates this week’s topic. Two of my loves, my Starbucks and my laptop. Also mine? This delicious combination of cupcake & wine pairing at Sweet Revenge in NYC. YUM.


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