Birthday Thoughts

I thought I’d take today to look back at my first year of being in my 30’s. Unlike many, I actually looked forward to turning 30 last year. Maybe because I don’t look it and take some glee at the reactions from people when I tell them how old I am, or that I’ve always […]

343/365: The Week in a Recap Mix-Bag

Well, I’m really that close to the end of the year and achieving my Post a Day Challenge with WordPress, but I really wasn’t sure what to blog about today (and 22 days till the end of the year/challenge!) so I thought I’d do a recap of the highlights from this week! I’ve hit 100 […]

201/365: My “Most…Post” List

Thank you to ristinw for passing the “7 links meme” baton over to me! I’ll try my best to fill in these 7 categories MY MOST BEAUTIFUL POST –> 184/365: Weekly Photo Challenge – Sky – Of course I had to pick my photo I took of lightning… this could’ve also been my “most proud […]

188/365: Book Amnesia (or “Booknesia”!)

Yes, I’m coining a new term… Booknesia: The ability to not have any recollection of having read a book before. Back in 2003, what started as a bet between a former boyfriend & I, to see who could read the most books in a year, we started a chart/list to keep track of what we […]

181/365: Oh, I just bumped into Katy Perry at the mall…

Okay, not EXACTLY bumped into her – but may as well have. Here’s the really random moment… My colleague and I went to a patio at Yonge & Dundas Square for lunch on our half-day of work (since it’s Canada Day tomorrow) and another colleague mentioned that they were closing a large area of Yonge […]

142/365: And…. I’m back.

Well, I’m back from sunny California. Got in last night around 11pm. Bittersweet, really. I always love going to L.A. to see my relatives, and it’s always sad to leave, but it’s also always nice to be home and not living out of a suitcase & hotel. Flight home was okay for the most part. […]

114/365: Exciting week ahead!

Happy Easter everyone! This will be a quick post today… We’re getting the home ready for the bf’s family’s first visit to our new place I spent a lot of yesterday finishing up the cross-stitching project that I’ve been working for a while. The one on the left (Venice) is the one I finished years […]

108/365: It’s weird, but I hate it.

I was thinking about what to blog about today while picking away at my lunch when it occurred to me that THAT’S what I’ll write about! My weird aversion to bean sprouts. I love Singapore noodles from Lemongrass To Go (in the food court) but I absolutely don’t like bean sprouts, and these are always […]

96/365: A little bit of romance

Mid-afternoon today at work in the office, our receptionist brings a bouquet of roses to a fellow coworker. She wasn’t at her desk at the time but BOY did it cause a stir. Working in an office that’s majority women, I’m ashamed to say we turned quite stereotypically girly about the whole thing. Normally if […]

95/365: Random thoughts

Rather than do a Top 10 Tuesday today (because, honestly, I can’t think of 10 book covers I’d like to redesign), I thought I would just write about whatever was on my mind today. It bothers me that some people, when being scrutinized, feel the need to drag others down with them.  A comment was […]

78/365: Songs forever associated w/another

I had the idea for today’s topic when I was watching Glee last week and the celibacy club started singing “Afternoon Delight”. All I kept hearing was when Ron Burgundy & the gang sang it in the movie Anchorman! LoL! 😀 Speaking of Glee, when I hear “Don’t Stop Believin’”, it will always remind me […]

13/365: LadyUmbrella


With their one year anniversary of operation coming up next week, I wanted to share this fantastic online shop of adorable T-Shirts with all my readers! I swear this isn’t a sponsored advertisement on my blog.. I genuinely think these guys are great! The random way I discovered this shop was that I didn’t discover […]