Fan-Expo Prelude: Oh Sam…


Oh Sam. Sam Sam Sam… When he was scheduled to appear at last year’s Fan Expo in Toronto, I was immensely disappointed because I had booked a trip to NYC for that weekend already. Being my favourite from Bon Temps since the beginning, I was sad that I’d be missing his Toronto appearances. When he […]

Swoon-Worthy Sundays: Residents of Bon Temps


Now that the 5th season of True Blood is already more than halfway through, I thought I’d feature the gorgeous swoon-worthy cast of this hot HBO show based on the books by Charlaine Harris. (Who, out of all the hotties on the show, is closest to Joe Manganiello – according to the meet & greet […]


First off – SPOILER warning on the season 4 finale, and the season 5 premiere!

Meeting the Maker of Sookie Stackhouse

As mentioned in last week’s post, I won the opportunity (via Chapters/Indigo) for a meet & greet with the author of the Sookie Stackhouse series, Charlaine Harris. Today was the day! I brought along the first novel in the series, Dead Until Dark, to get signed – even though her latest book, Dead Reckoning, was […]

192/365: Meet & Greet with Charlaine Harris!

I’m beyond ecstatic right now! I heard via Penguin Group that Charlaine Harris, the author of the Sookie Stackhouse series (which the HBO show True BloodΒ is based on) was making an appearance in downtown Toronto in July. A friend and I planned to go anyway and get our books signed. Last week, I saw via […]

176/365: #TBWithdrawal

It’s that time of year again… where True Blood returns for its 4th season tomorrow! It’s my “summer” show since everything else is in reruns, and the HBO series goes from June to August/September… For those that have read the books, it looks like the 4th season is going to follow the 4th book – […]

39/365: My TV boyfriend

I was completely at a loss for what to write about today until I saw Entertainment Weekly’s post with a fun poll on Which TV character would you date in real life? Where to even begin… Do I go for the real good boyfriend-material guy? Or just go for the uber-hotness factor? πŸ˜‰